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World Federation of Independent Scouts
World Federation of Independent Scouts.svg
Country Worldwide
Founded 1996
Founder Lawrie Dring
President Klaus Tegeder
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The World Federation of Independent Scouts (WFIS) is a non-governmental international Scouting organization with 82 affiliated Scout organizations in 41 countries. The affiliate Scout organizations collectivley had an estimated 200,000 members in 3562 Scout Groups in 2010.[1] WFIS was formed in Laubach, Germany, in 1996 by Lawrie Dring, a British Scouter with the independent Baden-Powell Scouts' Association (BPSA).

The World Federation of Independent Scouts is open to any Scouting association that is not affiliated with another international organization. WFIS requires that member associations "follow, and use, Baden-Powell's original program, traditions, uniforms, morals, ethics, and structure as laid out in Baden-Powell's Scouting for Boys," amended only for "health, environmental, first-aid, and safety reasons."

The current President of the WFIS World Council is Klaus Tegeder, elected for a five-year term commencing in August 2007. He is the former President of WFIS-Europe and still leads a German Scout troop.

WFIS Worldwide Committee[edit]

The WFIS Worldwide Committee is the chief executive body of the World Federation of Independent Scouts and is composed of elected volunteers. WFIS-Worldwide acts as an umbrella association for each of the regional Scout organisations.

Current members of the WFIS Worldwide Committee[2][edit]

Name Position
Klaus Tegeder President
N.N. Vice-President
Silvana Silva Mauriello Secretary
Søren Jørgensen Treasurer
Marc Bruyneel Wood Beads (Wood Badge)Coordinator

Regional divisions[edit]

The WFIS is divided into eight regions:[3]

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • South East Asia
  • Europe
  • Middle East Region
  • America

The Asian Region and Middle East Region are currently inactive, although there are WFIS Associations operating there.

List of members[edit]

Including prospected members

WFIS Africa[edit]

5860 members in 2010[1]

Country Group Membership status
Congo Brazzaville Eclaireurs Eclaireuses Laïque du Congo prospect member
Ghana Baden Powell Scouts of Africa prospect member
Ivory Coast Association des Eclaireurs et Eclaaireuses Evangéliques de Côte d'Ivoire prospect member
Baden Powell Scouts of Africa prospect member
Scouts d'Afrique de Côte d'Ivoire prospect member
Scouts Unitaires de Côte d'Ivoire prospect member
Kenya Baden Powell Scouts Association prospect member

WFIS Asia[edit]

15,5303 members in 2010[1]

Country Group
Bangladesh Independent Scouts of Bangladesh
India The Scouts/Guides Organisation[4]
Hindustan Scouts and Guides Association[5]
Japan Baden-Powell Scouts of Japan
Nepal Metro Scouts Nepal [6]
Nepal Independent Scouts Association[7]
South Korea Third Eye Scouting Association
Pakistan Independent Scouts of Pakistan
Islamabad Scouting Association
Nankana Sab Scout Organization
ADABKADA Scout Association
Sri Lanka Independent Scouts of Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Independent Scout Association
Dubai Scout Organization

WFIS Europe[edit]

10,834 members in 2010[1]

Country Group Membership Status
Austria Scouts of Europa full member
Belgium Onafhankelijke Scouts en Gidsen - Scouts et Guides Indépendants full member
Czech Republic Skaut - Český skauting ABS full member
Svaz skautu a skautek Ceske Republiky full member
Denmark De Gule Spejdere i Danmark – Baden-Powell spejderne[8] full member
France Scouts de Chavagnes[9] prospect member
Germany Bund Europäischer St. Georgs-Pfadfinderinnen und -Pfadfinder [10] full member
Bund Unabhängiger Pfadfinder, Stamm Cassiopeia [11] full member
Christliche freie Pfadfinderschaft Goldenstedt full member
Christliche Pfadfinderschaft Dreieich[9] prospect member
Deutscher Pfadfinderbund e. V. gegr. 1911 (DPB 1911) [12] full member
Europäischer Pfadfinderbund - Georgsritter e. V.[13] full member
Europäischer Pfadfinderbund St. Georg[9] prospect member
Freie Deutsche Waldläufer Olpe [14] full member
Freier Pfadfinderbund Asgard [15] full member
Freier Pfadfinderbund St. Georg full member
Freie Pfadfinderschaft Kreuzritter full member
Independent Scout Association [16] full member
Pfadfinder im Mühlenbecker Land full member
Pfadfinderbund Weltenbummler e.V. [17] full member
Pfadfindertrupp Frederick Selous .[18] full member
Solmser Pfadfinderschaft [19] full member
Italy Associazone Amici Delle Iniziative Scout full member
Associazione Esploratori e Guide Italiani[20] full member
Associazione Indipendente Scout full member
Associazione Sezione Scout di Gela full member
Assoraider full member
Federazione del Movimento Scout Italiano - FederScout full member
Fedarazione Italiana di Scautismo Raider – FIS Raider[9] prospect member
Ireland Baden-Powell Scouts Slyguff[9] prospect member
Kosovo National Scout Center of Kosovo[21] full member
Latvia Latvijas Kristigie Skauti (Christian Scouts of Latvia) full member
Malta Baden-Powell Scouts Malta[22] full member
Russia Russian Union of Scouts full member
Spain Asociación Galega de Escultismo - Breogán Scouts[23] full member
Associació Catalana de Scouts - Catalonian Association of Scouts[24] full member
Asociación de Scouts Independientes de Madrid - Independent Scouts of Madrid[25] full member
Asociación Scout Alamo[9] prospect member
Scout Group Alpha[9] prospect member
Switzerland Feuerkreis Niklaus von Flüe[26] full member
United Kingdom Baden-Powell Scouts' Association[27] full member
Ukraine Rodzvinsky full member

WFIS America[edit]

3643 members in 2010[1] [28]

Country Group Membership Status
Argentina Asociación Argentina de Scouts de Baden Powell full member
Aruba Sea and Land Scouting (SEAL) full member
Bolivia Asociación Boliviana de Scouts Independientes de Baden-Powell prospect member
Brazil Associação Escoteira Baden-Powell (AEBP) full member
Associação dos Escoteiros Independentes Athenas Maranhense prospect member
Canada BP Service Association of BC full member
BPSA New Brunswick full member
BPSA Ontario full member
ZHR Polish Scouts of Canada[29] prospect member
Chile Hermandad Scout del Desierto Chile full member
Agrupación Nacional de Boy Scouts de Chile full member
Hermandad Scout Zona Centro Chile full member
Colombia Asociación Colombiana de Escultismo (ACE) full member
Ecuador Asociación de Boy Scouts del Ecuador full member
El Salvador Asociacion de Scouts Independientes de El Salvador ASI-ES full member
Mexico Agrupación Scout Mexicana, A.C. full member
Asociacion Independientes Scouts Mexico (ANSI) full member
Federación Mexicana de Scouts Independientes, A. C. full member
Panama Cuerpo de Exploradores Panameños full member
Paraguay Hermandad Scout de Paraguay prospect member
Suriname Independent Scouts Suriname full member
United States Baden-Powell Service Association[30] full member
Venezuela Organización de Exploradores Marinos de Venezuela prospect member
Organización de Exploradores de Venezuela prospect member
Organización Venezolana de Escultismo Tradicional prospect member

Jamborees and international camps[edit]

The first WFIS World Jamboree was held in Denmark in 2002,[31] with 850 Scouts attending. The event's motto was Together we are strongest. The Second WFIS World Jamboree was held from 7 to 14 July 2007 with over 3000 Scouts attending. It was held near Medellín, Colombia. The Third WFIS World Jamboree was held at Parque Bicentenario, near Puebla, México, in July 2011.[32]

In addition to World Jamborees, the WFIS also regularly host regional international camps. Eurocamp is one example of this with the following camps having taken place:

  • Eurocamp 2014 in Italy
  • Eurocamp 2010 in Germany
  • Eurocamp 2006 in Switzerland

WFIS also hosts a Jamboree On The Internet:

  • WFIS-JOTI 2010, hosted by WFIS Africa[33]

Member Associations also regularly invite each other to their own camps, examples including:

International Scout Fellowship[edit]

International Scout Fellowship
International Scout Fellowship.svg
Owner n/a
Country Worldwide
Founded 2007-08-01
n/a n/a
 Scouting portal

The International Scout Fellowship is an affiliate of WFIS, but not a member. It is open to former and current adult members of WFIS, to other adult friends of Independent Scouting who wish to contribute to independent Scouting, regardless of their Scouting backgrounds.

The ISF is governed by its World Council which is composed of representatives of each member Chapter. It meets once a year, usually electronically. Its day-to-day affairs are directed by the Executive Committee, which is elected by the World Council.

All positions in the ISF are staffed by volunteers. There are no paid employees.


The badge is that of the WFIS in reverse colours. There is no set uniform of the ISF. Member chapters determine their own uniforms with the badge of the ISF. Other chapters may use casual dress such as T-shirts, etc.

The emphasis of the ISF is on tangible results in supporting Independent Scouting associations, not on formalities.


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