World Figure Skating Hall of Fame

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World Figure Skating Museum & Hall of Fame
Location20 First Street
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Coordinates38°47′38″N 104°50′56″W / 38.79379°N 104.84885°W / 38.79379; -104.84885
TypeHall of fame
A woman and a man in figure skating blades stand on an outdoor ice rink posing for a shot. On the left, the woman has both hands in her waist, while the man has his right arm around her left arm.
Sonja Henie and Karl Schäfer were among the initial 20 inductees to the Hall of Fame in 1976.

The World Figure Skating Hall of Fame serves as a repository for the sport of figure skating. The World Figure Skating Hall of Fame is where the greatest names in the history of the sport are honored. It is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States.

Skaters such as Dick Button, Katarina Witt, Midori Ito, Sonja Henie, Alexei Yagudin, and Michelle Kwan have been honored in the Hall of Fame.


Skater Year Inducted Discipline
United States Tenley Albright 1976
France Andrée Joly /
France Pierre Brunet
United States Dick Button 1976
United States Peggy Fleming 1976
Sweden Gillis Grafström 1976
United States Carol Heiss 1976
Norway Sonja Henie 1976
United States David Jenkins 1976
United Kingdom T. D. Richardson 1976
Switzerland Jacques Gerschwiler 1976
United States Jackson Haines 1976
Switzerland Gustave Lussi 1976
United States Hayes Alan Jenkins 1976
Norway Axel Paulsen 1976
Sweden Ulrich Salchow 1976
Austria Karl Schäfer 1976
United Kingdom Reginald Wilkie 1976
United States Howard Nicholson 1976
Austria Edi Scholdan 1976
Canada Montgomery Wilson 1976
Austria Willy Böckl 1977
United Kingdom Jean Westwood /
United Kingdom Lawrence Demmy
Canada Donald Jackson 1977
Soviet Union Ludmila Belousova /
Soviet Union Oleg Protopopov
Germany Maxi Herber /
Germany Ernst Baier
Canada Barbara Ann Scott 1979
United Kingdom Cecilia Colledge 1980
Canada Barbara Wagner /
Canada Robert Paul
United Kingdom Madge Syers 1981
Germany Willie Frick 1981
United States William Hickok 1981
Austria Herma Szabo 1982
Canada Louis Rubenstein 1984
Switzerland Werner Groebli 1984
Canada Frances Dafoe /
Canada Norris Bowden
Charlotte Oelschlägel 1985
Switzerland Arnold Gerschwiler 1985
United States F. Ritter Shumway 1986
United Kingdom Courtney Jones 1986
Soviet Union Lyudmila Pakhomova /
Soviet Union Aleksandr Gorshkov
Soviet Union Irina Rodnina 1989
United Kingdom Jayne Torvill /
United Kingdom Christopher Dean
United States Scott Hamilton 1990
United Kingdom John Curry 1991
United Kingdom Jeannette Altwegg 1993
United States Richard Dwyer 1993
Germany Ria Falk /
Germany Paul Falk
France Jacques Favart 1993
Switzerland Georg Hasler 1993
United States Ronald Robertson 1993
United Kingdom Diane Towler /
United Kingdom Bernard Ford
Switzerland James Koch 1994
Russia Ekaterina Gordeeva /
Russia Sergei Grinkov
United States William Tutt 1995
Germany Katarina Witt 1995
United States Brian Boitano 1996
United Kingdom Herbert Clarke 1996
Canada Sheldon Galbraith 1996
United States Carlo Fassi 1997
Hungary Lily Kronberger 1997
United States Benjamin Wright 1997
United States Tom Collins 1998
Czech Republic Josef Dědič 1998
Austria Felix Kaspar 1998
United States Kristi Yamaguchi 1998
United States Ronald Ludington 1999
United Kingdom Gladys Hogg 1999
United States Dorothy Hamill 2000 Ladies' Singles
Soviet Union Marina Klimova /
Soviet Union Sergei Ponomarenko
2000 Ice Dance
United Kingdom John Nicks 2000 Coach
United States Janet Lynn 2001 Ladies' Singles
United States Maribel Vinson 2002 Ladies' Singles and Pairs
Germany Jutta Müller 2004 Coach
Canada Toller Cranston 2004 [1] Men's Singles
Japan Midori Ito 2004 [2] Ladies' Singles
United Kingdom Robin Cousins 2005 Men's Singles
Creative/Professional role
Russia Tamara Moskvina 2005 Pairs and Ladies' Singles
Canada Donald Gilchrist 2005 [3] Non-athletic role
Canada Kurt Browning 2006 Men's Singles
United States Frank Zamboni 2006 Skating Pioneer
United States Frank Carroll 2007 Coach
Russia Tatiana Tarasova 2008 Coach
Austria Wilhelm Bietak 2009 Creative/Professional role
Canada Joyce Hisey 2009 Non-athletic role
Canada Brian Orser 2009 [4] Men's Singles
Russia Nikolai Panin 2009 Special Figures
Canada Barbara Underhill /
Canada Paul Martini
2009 [5] Pairs
Czech Republic Alena Vrzáňová 2009 Ladies' Singles
Japan Nobuo Satō 2010 [6] Coach
United States Michelle Kwan 2012 Ladies' Singles
Sweden Viktor Balck 2013 Non-athletic role
ISU President
Netherlands Sjoukje Dijkstra 2013 Ladies' Singles
Germany Ludowika Eilers-Jakobsson /
Finland Walter Jakobsson
2013 Pairs
Switzerland Denise Biellmann 2014 [7] Ladies' Singles
Canada Lori Nichol 2014 Choreographer
Germany Anna Hübler /
Germany Heinrich Burger *
2014 Pairs
Austria Friedrich Kachler * 2014 Men's Singles
Non-athletic role
Italy Sonia Bianchetti Garbato 2015 [8] Non-athletic role
Russia Artur Dmitriev /
Russia Natalia Mishkutionok/
Russia Oksana Kazakova**
2015 Pairs
United Kingdom Doreen Denny *** 2015 Ice dance
Austria Eduard Engelmann Jr. *** 2015 Skating pioneer
United Kingdom June Markham *** 2015 Ice dance
United Kingdom Henry Eugene Vandervell *** 2015 Skating pioneer
Canada Sarah Kawahara 2017 [9] Choreographer
Russia Alexei Mishin 2017 [10] Coach
Austria Trixi Schuba 2017 Ladies' Singles
China Shen Xue /
China Zhao Hongbo
2017 [11] Pairs
Russia Alexei Yagudin 2017 Men's Singles
Sweden Vivi-Anne Hultén *** 2017 Ladies' Singles
United Kingdom Phyllis Johnson /
United Kingdom James H. Johnson ***
2017 Pairs
Germany Werner Rittberger *** 2017 Skating pioneer
Switzerland Hans-Rudi Mauch *** 2017 Creative/Professional role
Japan Shizuka Arakawa 2018
Canada Sandra Bezic 2018
Austria Emmerich Danzer *** 2018
Soviet Union Irina Moiseeva & Andrei Minenkov 2018
Soviet Union Viktor Petrenko 2018
United States Richard Porter *** 2018
Soviet Union Elena Valova & Oleg Vasiliev 2018
China Bin Yao 2018
Soviet Union Natalya Bestemyanova & Andrey Bukin 2019
Slovakia Ondrej Nepela 2019
Czechoslovakia Eva Romanova *** and Pavel Roman *** 2019
East Germany Gabriele Seyfert 2019
Soviet Union Yelena Tchaikovskaya 2019

^ * Indicates that they were inducted into the golden category, which considers contributions prior to WWII.
^ ** Dmitriev was inducted with both partners he won Olympic gold with
^ *** Indicates that they were inducted into the legends category, which considers contributions prior to 1960.

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