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The World Folk Music Association is a non-profit organization[1] formed in 1983 by folk singer/songwriter Tom Paxton and Dick Cerri, a radio host from Washington D. C.[2] The first chairman of the board was Paxton[3] and Cerri served as president.[4]

Paxton and Cerri declared that the WFMA was "dedicated to promoting contemporary and traditional folk music, spreading the word to fans, and keeping the folk community informed and involved".[2]

WFMA presents a monthly showcase in Bethesda, Maryland,[5] and from 1984 to 2011 hosted an annual benefit concert. The WFMA presented its Lifetime Achievement Award, Kate Wolf Award, and John Denver award at its annual concert through 2006.[6] The Washington Post described the 6th annual concert as "nostalgic and topical, competent and compelling".[7]

To celebrate Woody Guthrie's 82d birthday, WFMA presented a Woody Guthrie Tribute Concert in 1994.[8] A two-night concert in tribute of The Kingston Trio's 45th anniversary was held by WFMA in 2002.[9] In 2013, WFMA hosted a benefit concert to support the Madison House Autism Foundation.[10] WFMA also sponsored the final Chad Mitchell Trio concert in 2014.[11]

WFMA Lifetime Achievement Award[edit]

The first recipient of the WFMA Lifetime Achievement Award was Odetta in 1994. Other winners include:[2]

Kate Wolf Memorial Award[edit]

Established in 1987 to honor the memory of Kate Wolf, a singer/songwriter who died from leukemia, the Kate Wolf Memorial Award is presented "to the performer who best epitomizes the music and spirit of Kate Wolf." It has been awarded to:[2]

John Denver Award[edit]

Established in 1998, the John Denver Award was awarded in 1999 to Denver's original publisher and producer, Milt Okun. Other recipients include:[2]


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