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The World Freefall Convention celebrates the extreme sport of skydiving. It has been taking place since 1990 – 2001 in Quincy, Illinois and in Rantoul, Illinois from 2001 – 2006. The event includes various other sports too, such as sky surfing, raft jumping and even naked jumps. However the event was canceled in 2007 and 2008 due to personal reasons by the founder.


In 1999 the convention drew 5,410 registrations, people from all 50 states and 52 different countries were included. During a 10-day period there were over 65,000 jumps made. Also there were 503 tandem jumps made, 84 AFS students passed, 393 kegs were given away and 30,855 was raised for various charities.


Registration for non jumpers is $24 and it is $49 for jumpers. For this fee your get free camping, seminars, hot showers, nightly entertainment and beer.

Jumping Packages and Costs[edit]

  • $79 for a single jump out of a hot air balloon
  • $39 for a single jump out of a helicopter
  • $170 for a standard ten pack standard jump package
  • $159 for a tandem jump (for first time jumpers)
  • $700 for a mult-day AFF school


If you want to jump you will need a type "B" license which is proof that you took the AFF training and 50 jumps. You will also need a USPA membership, which you can buy there for $8.

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