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The World Future Society (WFS) is a nonprofit educational and scientific organization founded in 1966 and based in Chicago, IL.[1] Annually, WFS reviews the past year in order to make predictions about the future,[2] and each July, WFS holds a conference which features speakers and one- or two-day courses dealing with futures studies. Membership is open to anyone who can afford it and many members are not professional futurists.[3] The society claims that its membership includes sociologists, scientists, corporate planners, educators, students and retirees.[4]



Julie Friedman Steele 2016-present [5]

Presidents / Executive Director[edit]

Julie Friedman Steele 2016-present [6] Amy Zalman 2014-2016 (?) [7] Timothy Mack, Esq. 2004-2014 [8] Ed Cornish 1966-2004


The WFS website features digital library resources about futurism and content from the society's various publications.[citation needed]


The World Future Society publishes numerous books, including Futuring: The Exploration of the Future (Oct. 2005), written by society founder Edward Cornish, as well as several print and electronic journals.


The Futurist[edit]

The Futurist was established in 1967.[9] It is a full-color bimonthly magazine that reports on technological, societal, and public policy trends. Among the thinkers and experts who have contributed to The Futurist include: MIT architecture scholar William&nbsp[citation needed];G. Mitchell[citation needed]: Washington Post writer Joel Garreau[citation needed]; planetary physician Thomas Alured Faunce[citation needed], inventor Ray Kurzweil[citation needed]; Foresight president J. Storrs Hall[citation needed]; Daniel Barnett of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health on flu pandemic[citation needed]; Former Harper's editor Lewis Lapham[citation needed]; Center for Strategic International Studies senior fellow Edward N. Luttwak[citation needed]; Pulitzer Prize nominee James Martin[citation needed]; U.S. Comptroller General David M. Walker[citation needed]; multimedia education pioneer Fred D'Ignazio[citation needed]; and former CIA director Robert James Woolsey, Jr..[citation needed]

In 2011, The Futurist featured the writing of technology writer Kevin Kelly[citation needed], marketing writer and speaker Seth Godin[citation needed], nature writer Richard Louv[citation needed], writer and scholar Evgeny Morozov[citation needed], environmentalist and MacAuthur Fellow Lester R. Brown[citation needed] and others.

The Futurist was nominated for a 2007 Utne Independent Press Award for Best Science and Technology Coverage.[citation needed]

The Futurist has published articles by forecaster and Smart Money columnist Jamais Cascio[citation needed], NASA chief research scientist Dennis Bushnell,[10] Financial Times economist Martin Wolf,[11] workplace expert John Challenger and Wall Street Journal "Gen X" columnist Alexandra Levit.[12] The magazine published exclusive interviews with former U.S. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich[citation needed], serving U.S. congressman Dennis Kucinich,[13] Harvard evolutionary biologist Marc Hauser[citation needed], as well as inventor (and World Future 2010 featured speaker) Ray Kurzweil[citation needed].

The Futurist featured coverage on:


World Future Society previously published the academic journal World Future Review. This journal is independent of the society starting with Volume 8. [21]


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