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The World Hip Hop Dance Championship is an international hip-hop dance competition created in 2002 by Hip Hop International. Countries that have participated in the past are Dominican Republic, Greece, Cyprus, Chile, Italy, Mexico, France, Japan, Switzerland, Morocco, Philippines, United Kingdom, China, Canada, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Malaysia, India, Colombia, South Africa, Nigeria, New Zealand, Denmark, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Poland, Uruguay, Thailand and the United States of America. There are four sections of competition: hip-hop for adult, varsity (ages 12–17), and junior (ages 7–12) crews, popping for solo dancers, locking for solo dancers, and breaking for adult crews.

In August 2015, new countries, Gabon, Panama and South Korea, Kenya, among others, participated for the first time, joining a record 3000 contestants from 50 countries.[1] South Korea's, Lock 'N LOL won gold in the mega crew division.[1]


2015 Hip-Hop Mega Crews Lock 'N LOL[1]  South Korea
2015 Hip-Hop Adult Crews The Bradas  New Zealand
2015 Hip-Hop Varsity Crews Kana-Boon!  Japan
2015 Hip-Hop Junior Crews Chapkidz  USA
2014 Hip-Hop Mega Crews A-Team  Philippines
2014 Hip-Hop Adult Crews Brotherhood  Canada
2014 Hip-Hop Varsity Crews JB Star  Japan
2014 Hip-Hop Junior Crews Freshh 2.0  Canada
2013 Hip-Hop Mega Crews Royal Family  New Zealand
2013 Hip-Hop Adult Crews Rockwell Family  Canada
2013 Hip-Hop Varsity Crews Brotherhood  Canada
2013 Hip-Hop Junior Crews Flip
2012 Hip-Hop Mega Crews Royal Family  New Zealand
2012 Hip-Hop Adult Crews The Crew  Philippines
2012 Hip-Hop Varsity Crews Sol-T-Shine  Japan
2012 Hip-Hop Junior Crews Bubblegum  New Zealand
2011 Hip-Hop Mega Crews Royal Family  New Zealand
2011 Hip-Hop Adult Crews Plague  United Kingdom  New Zealand
2011 Hip-Hop Junior Crews Bubblegum  New Zealand
2011 Popping Solo Dancers Bionic  USA
2011 Locking Solo Dancers Tiffany Bong  USA
2011 Allstyles Solo Dancers J Boogie  USA
2011 Breaking Adult Crews Fallen Kings  USA
2010 Hip-Hop Adult Crews ReQuest  New Zealand
2010 Hip-Hop Varsity Crews Zero  Japan
2010 Hip-Hop Junior Crews Star Team  Japan
2009 Hip-Hop Adult Crews R.A.F. Crew  France
2009 Hip-Hop Varsity Crews ReQuest  New Zealand
2009 Hip-Hop Junior Crews Lil' Phunk Boyz  USA
2009 Popping Solo Dancers Marie Popppins
2009 Locking Solo Dancers Omar Thomas
2009 Breaking Adult Crews Philippine All Stars  Philippines
2008 Hip-Hop Adult Crews Philippine All Stars  Philippines
2008 Hip-Hop Varsity Crews Sweet & Sour  New Zealand
2008 Hip-Hop Junior Crews Next Jr.
2008 Popping Solo Dancers Poppin' John
2008 Locking Solo Dancers Jo Dance  Germany
2008 Breaking Adult Crews Knucklehead Zoo  USA
2007 Hip-Hop Adult Crews Eclectik  Trinidad & Tobago
2007 Hip-Hop Varsity Crews C.I.D.G  Philippines
2007 Hip-Hop Junior Crews Freshh  Canada
2006 Hip-Hop Adult Crews Philippine All Stars  Philippines
2006 Hip-Hop Varsity Crews Future Shock
2006 Hip-Hop Junior Crews Mini Shock
2005 Hip-Hop Adult Crews Plague United Kingdom UK
2005 Hip-Hop Varsity Crews Future Shock
2004 Hip-Hop Adult Crews Extreme  Canada
2004 Hip-Hop Varsity Crews 4 Real
2004 Hip-Hop Junior Crews Junction8  Japan
2003 Hip-Hop Adult Crews Extreme  Canada
2002 Hip-Hop Adult Crews Total Workout Dance crew  Netherlands
2002 Hip-Hop Varsity Crews Wanted Crew
2002 Hip-Hop Junior Crews Divas


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