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World Information Service on Energy (WISE)
Formation 1978
Headquarters Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Peer de Rijk

The World Information Service on Energy (WISE) is an anti-nuclear group founded in 1978 to be an information and networking center for citizens and organizations concerned about nuclear power, radioactive waste, radiation and sustainable energy issues. The organization advocates the implementation of safe, sustainable solutions such as energy efficiency and, renewable energy.

WISE is affiliated with NIRS, the Nuclear Information and Resource Service.

The Smiling Sun logo

WISE is with its smiling sun shop, the official outlet for The Smiling Sun, the world-famous anti-nuclear logo.

International Offices[edit]

WISE has relay offices in Amsterdam, Argentina, Austria, the Czech Republic, India, Japan, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Sweden, and the Ukraine.[1] The bi-weekly WISE News Communique merged with the NIRS Nuclear Monitor into the Nuclear Monitor[2] and covers the resistance movements working against nuclear power worldwide as well as chronicling the failings of the nuclear industry.

The WISE-International network has been started by WISE-Amsterdam in 1976. WISE-Paris was created back in 1983 as part of a this network. By the early 1990s the two offices had gone different ways and the international network was de facto dissolved, each of the organisations keeping its name and developing its own activities (including, for WISE-Amsterdam, maintaining a network of correspondents in different countries).

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