World Innovation Forum (New York)

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World Innovation Forum
World Innovation Forum in New York
Begins June 20, 2012
Ends June 21, 2012
Frequency Annually
Location(s) New York City Center
Inaugurated 2006
Most recent Ongoing
Participants 900 attendees

The World Innovation Forum is a business innovation summit held annually in New York City. The event is organized by HSM, an executive education and management content firm.


The World Innovation Forum is a two-day event in which business executives learn ideas and strategies to maximize innovation within their organizations. Officially launched in 2006, the event takes place around May to June of each year in New York City. The event's speakers are top business and intellectual pioneers in the field of innovation. The World Innovation Forum brings together approximately 900 attendees, consisting mostly of senior executives, from over 20 countries and 23 states.[1][2] In 2007, two forums took place—one was held at Newport Beach in Orange County, California in the Island Hotel in addition to the one in New York City.[3]


Past speakers in the World Innovation Forum include sought-after business advisers such as Gary Hamel, Clayton Christensen, and Vijay Govindarajan, as well as distinguished professors such as Dan Ariely.[4]


The event is organized by HSM, an executive education and management content firm which has been holding business conferences globally for over 20 years under the names World Business Forum and ExpoManagement.

2012 World Innovation Forum[edit]

The 2012 World Innovation Forum will be held at the New York City Center on June 20–21, 2012 and will feature the following speakers:


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