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World Institute of Sustainable Development Planners
EstablishedOct 2017
TypeCompany limited by guarantee

The Worldwide Institute of Sustainable Development Planners (WISDP) was established in October 2017[1] and is a partner of UNESCO Hong Kong Association (UNESCO HK). WISDP is a learning and research institute cooperates with United Nations' sustainable development policy to support training, recognition and promotion of sustainable development planning for individual and organization. WISDP supports the implementation of United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals[2] (SDGs) and provides sustainable development training, membership, certification, and continuing professional development (CPD) of sustainable development planning to business, industries, education, NGOs and government. WISDP is initiated and supported by advocates of UN Agenda 2030 and the 17 SDGs. They include UNESCO Hong Kong Association, UNESCO Office of Pacific States, UNESCO Chair in the Political Economy of Education, the UNESCO Chair in TVET & Lifelong Learning, Members of Working Groups of UNPRME (UN Principles for Responsibility of Management Education), Members of UN Global Compact, and Members of UNOSSCO (UN Organization of South-South Cooperation).


UNESCO Hong Kong Association (UNESCO HK)[3] is dedicated to facilitating and achieving UNESCO's mission, creating conditions for dialogue among civilizations, cultures and peoples based upon respect for commonly shared values. It is through this dialogue that the world can achieve global visions of sustainable development encompassing observance of human rights, mutual respect and the alleviation of poverty. It strives to work towards the building of peace and to facilitate the sustainable development of society, economy and environment through education, sciences and culture.

The United Nation 2030 Agenda[4] for Sustainable Development was formed by 2015 and established 17 Sustainable Development Goals (17 SDGs) and 169 work targets [5] to push the sustainable development for year 2030 worldwide. To push and support the sustainable development of United Nations, a partner of UNESCO HK, WISDP was established in October 2017 to cooperate with UNESCO HK to push and facilitate the development, planning and implementation of 17 SDGs. WISDP is a worldwide study and research institute to drive the training and professional recognition of sustainable development to industries, business, education and public service.

WISDP was registered in Hong Kong with the company name WORLD INSTITUTE OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT PLANNERS LIMITED, and was incorporated on 12 October 2017[6] as a company limited by guarantee. WISDP was formally launched in February 2018 and partner with training institutes to provide different levels of sustainable development training to industries and business. WISDP also establish memberships and certification processes to recognize the training, experiences and contributions of sustainable development for individuals and organizations.

Learned Society of Sustainable Development[edit]

United Nations established the training and initiatives of sustainable development to keep the sustainability of the earth as well as the human development. Sustainable development implies economic growth together with the protection of environmental quality and social situation, each reinforcing the other. It is crucial to harmonize three core elements: economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection. The earth is the home of human being and we need to protect make the sustainability of the earth through sustainable development culture and planning.

WISDP is a Learned Society fostering and advocating UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in accordance with the three components [7] of Environment, Society and Economy. Training is provided for professionals according to their needs and successful trainees are awarded professional membership from WISDP and UNESCO HK Association, and subject to adequate relevant work experience, they are entitled to become Certified Sustainable Development Planners (CSDP).[8] Opportunities are provided for awardees to apply for Fellowship status after a number of years of continuing professional development (CPD).

In 2018, WISDP Divisions[8] launched training programmes and lead to professional memberships. The training programmes included Corporate Social responsibility (CSR), Sustainable Finance and Investment, Health Society and Wellness, Early Childhood Education, Sustainability in Engineering and sustainable development in Insurance.

Promotion and recognition of sustainable development[edit]

WISDP partnered with universities, training institutes and professional bodies to promote and develop sustainable development planning knowledge to business sector, industries and education. The study levels includes diploma, certificate and continuing professional development training.

WISDP also push and promote sustainable development to business organizations. WISDP support corporations to promote and implement sustainable leadership, processes, products, services as well as business strategies. Corporations may join the WISDP to cooperate with their sustainable development programmes and WISDP will award the corporations that contributed sustainable development to the industries and society.

WISDP is set up as a professional organization and membership[8] for practising sustainable development planning. Principally individual who support and experienced sustainable development planners may join. WISDP offer various categories of membership to recognize different levels of sustainable development. WISDP welcome to people who are not practising but are interested in the profession or students who aspire to join the profession in the future.


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