World Junior Squash Circuit

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WSF World Junior Circuit

The World Junior Squash Circuit is the premier level for worldwide competition among under-19 junior squash players organised by the World Squash Federation. Mirroring the PSA and WSA circuits, the World Junior Circuit ranks players and every year is organized the World Junior Squash Championships.

Tournament Tiers[edit]

Just like the PSA, junior tournaments are divided into different levels. Tier 1 is the World Championships, Tier 2 : Regional Championships (e.g. European, Asian Junior Individual) + top level sub regionals such as British & US Junior Opens. And Tier 3 : All other sub regionals.

The point distribution for each level of tournaments is as followed: [1]

Description Winner Finalist Semifinalist Quarterfinalists Round16 Round32
Tier 1 200 140 80 40 20 10
Tier 2 125 78 50 25 12 6
Tier 3 75 45 28 13 7 -

Tournament List[edit]


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