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The World Mahjong Sports Games (WMSG / Chinese:世界麻将运动会) is played to determine the World Champion in the table game Mahjong held by Mahjong International League (MIL). Both men and women are eligible to contest this title, and the championship holds both of Individual event and Team event.


The event was held at Sheraton Sanya Yalong Bay Hotel in China.[1][2][3]

There were 3 styles of events including a team competition, an individual competition and a Mahjong carnival.[4] In a Mahjong carnival, there were several styles of competitions of Riichi and MCR rules.[5]



The names are ordered as Given name and Surname.

No. Winner 2nd 3rd
1 Bo Tang China Jian Zhao China Liang Li China


No. Winner 2nd 3rd
1 China B Jian Zhao ( China) Hong Kong & Macau ? China A ?
Yong Zhou ( China) ? ?
Changsheng Zhou ( China) ? ?
Huatong Lu ( China) ? ?


Date Edition Place Venue
October 24–28, 2015 1st World Mahjong Sports Games Sanya, Hainan Island, Hainan Province, China Sheraton Sanya Yalong Bay Hotel

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