1991 World Masters

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World Masters
Tournament information
Venue National Exhibition Centre
Location Birmingham
Country England
Established 1991
Organisation(s) World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association
Format Non-Ranking event
Final year 1991

The World Masters, known for sponsorship reasons as the Mita/Sky World Masters, was a snooker tournament held in January 1991. Conceived by promoter Barry Hearn, the tournament had a similar format to the Grand Slam events in tennis, with men's singles, men's doubles, women's singles, women's doubles, mixed doubles and a junior competition.[1] As in tennis, players had to win a match by two clear frames. If a match went to 6–6, there would be a tie break deciding frame with just one red and all the colours.

Staged at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, it carried a record amount of prize money; the winner of the men's singles won £200,000, more than the world champion would receive that year.[1][2] During the tournament James Wattana made the ninth official maximum break against Paul Dawkins.[3] However, the break was not filmed due to it being on one of the outside tables. Meanwhile, a 13-year-old Quinten Hann became the youngest player to make a televised century break. The tournament was subsequently unable to find sponsorship, and was not staged again.[1]



Event Winner(s) Runner(s)-up Final score
Men's Singles England Jimmy White Malta Tony Drago 10–6
Women's Singles Northern Ireland Karen Corr England Stacey Hillyard 6–2
Men's Doubles England Mike Hallett
Scotland Stephen Hendry
Canada Brady Gollan
Canada Jim Wych
Women's Doubles England Allison Fisher
England Stacey Hillyard
Northern Ireland Karen Corr
England Anne-Marie Farren
Mixed Doubles England Steve Davis
England Allison Fisher
England Jimmy White
England Caroline Walch
Juniors (under-16s) Scotland John Higgins Wales Mark Williams 6–1


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