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The World Masters Athletics Championships are the biennial championships for masters athletics events held under the auspices of World Masters Athletics, formerly called the World Association of Veteran Athletes, for athletes over the age of 35 years.[1]

The outdoor championships began in Toronto, Canada on August 11, 1975 and have continued in odd numbered years. In July 2011, World Masters Athletics changed their constitution to hold Championships in even numbered years, starting in 2016. Perth, Australia was selected to hold the first even year meet.[2] Later Road Racing Championships called Non-Stadia Championships were added, starting in Birmingham, England August 29–30, 1992. Indoor Championships in even numbered years started Sindelfingen, Germany, March 10–14, 2004.

World Outdoor Championships[edit]

Edition Year City Country Venue Date Website
I 1975 Toronto Canada 11–16 August
II 1977 Gothenburg Sweden Slottskogsvallen 8–13 August
III 1979 Hanover Germany 27 July–2 August
IV 1981 Christchurch New Zealand Queen Elizabeth II Park 7–14 January
V 1983 San Juan Puerto Rico 23–30 September
VI 1985 Rome Italy 22–30 July
VII 1987 Melbourne Australia 29 November–6 December
VIII 1989 Eugene United States Hayward Field 27 July–6 August
IX 1991 Turku Finland 18–28 July
X 1993 Miyazaki Japan Miyazaki Athletic Stadium 7–17 October
XI 1995 Buffalo United States University at Buffalo 13–23 July
XII 1997 Durban South Africa 17–27 July
XIII 1999 Gateshead United Kingdom Gateshead International Stadium 29 July–8 August
XIV 2001 Brisbane Australia 1–14 July
XV 2003 Carolina Puerto Rico 1–13 July
XVI 2005 San Sebastian Spain Anoeta 22 August–3 September
XVII 2007 Riccione Italy Stadio Italo Nicoletti 4–15 September
XVIII 2009 Lahti Finland Lahden Stadion 28 July–8 August
XIX 2011 Sacramento United States Hornet Stadium 6–17 July
XX 2013 Porto Alegre Brazil PUCRS 15–27 October
XXI 2015 Lyon France Stephane-Diagana Athletic Hall 4–16 August
XXII 2016 Perth Australia Western Australian Athletics Stadium 26 October–6 November
XXIII 2018 Málaga Spain Malaga Athletics Stadium 8–20 September
XXIV 2020 Toronto Canada York Lions Stadium & Varsity Stadium 20 July–1 August

World Indoor Championships[edit]

Edition Year City Country Venue Date
I 2004 Sindelfingen Germany Glaspalast Sindelfingen 10–14 March
II 2006 Linz Austria Tips Arena 15–20 March
III 2008 Clermont-Ferrand France Stadium Jean Pellez 17–22 March
IV 2010 Kamloops Canada Tournament Capital Centre 1–6 March
V 2012 Jyväskylä Finland Hippos Sports Centre 3–8 April
VI 2014 Budapest Hungary Syma Sport Center 25–30 March
VII 2017 Daegu South Korea Daegu Athletics Promotion Center 19–25 March

World Masters (Veterans) Non-Stadia Championships[edit]

The biennial World Veterans Non-Stadia Championships were first held in 1992 and renamed the World Masters Non-Stadia Championships in 2002 following the change in name of the governing body of veterans athletics from the WAVA (World Association of Veteran Athletes) to the WMA (World Masters Athletics).[3]

Edition Year City Country Date
I 1992 Birmingham United Kingdom 29–30 August
II 1994 Scarborough Canada 30–31 July
III 1996 Brugge Belgium 29–30 June
IV 1998 Kobe Japan 28–29 March
V 2000 Valladolid Spain 13 May
VI 2002 Riccione Italy 24–26 May
VII 2004 Manukau, Auckland, Rotorua New Zealand 18 April - 1 May
VIII 2006 Linz Austria 17–19 March


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