World Masters Golf

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World Masters Golf
World Masters Golf
Cover art
Developer(s) Arc Developments[1]
Publisher(s) Virgin Interactive Entertainment[1]
Composer(s) Chris Brighton[2]
Platform(s) Super NES
  • EU: November 23, 1995[1]
Genre(s) Traditional golf simulation[1]
Mode(s) Single-player

World Masters Golf is a golf simulation video game for the Super NES released exclusively in Europe.[3]


This video game features four gouraud shaded courses in order to produce continuous shading of surfaces represented by polygon meshes.[3] Modes of gameplay are: tournament, match play, and practice.[3] There are created golfers and the option for the player to create his own.[3] The game allows golf handicapping.[3] Up to eight players can play.[3] There is a Mode 7 view camera that follows the ball after it is hit.[3] Basic information like the wind speed, distance to the flag, the number of shots required to make par on a hole, and the number of shots already made on a hole are shown while playing the game.[4]


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