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World Mayor is a biennial award organized by The City Mayors Foundation since 2004. It intends to raise the profile of mayors worldwide, as well as honour those who have served their communities well and who have contributed to the well-being of cities, nationally and internationally. The organisers make it plain that the award has no connection with any city or organization and is run on strictly non-commercial lines. Helen Zille and Leopoldo Lopez discussed their 2008 nominations on the BBC World Service programme 'Outlook', while The Guardian looked at contenders for the 2014 prize.[1] The 2018 World Mayor Project is dedicated to women mayors.[2]

The City Mayors Foundation commissions the trophy presented as the World Mayor Award. The trophy was designed by artist Manuel Ferrari and is handmade out of steel by the metalworker Kaspar Swankey.[3]

Notable recipients[edit]

Notable winners include Edi Rama (later Prime Minister of Albania), Helen Zille (Premier of Western Cape Province, South Africa), Dora Bakoyannis (Greek foreign minister) and Marcelo Ebrard (Mexican foreign minister-designate), while runners-up (or top 10 finalists) have included Andrés Manuel López Obrador (President-elect of Mexico), Job Cohen (Dutch Labour opposition leader), Joko Widodo (President of Indonesia), Gavin Newsom (Lt. Governor of California), Leopoldo López (Venezuelan opposition leader) and Cory Booker (US Senator).

Riace (Italy) mayor Domenico Lucano, who came third in the 2010 poll, was arrested in October 2018 on various immigration-related charges.

City Mayors Foundation[edit]

The City Mayors Foundation, also known as City Mayors, is an international think tank dedicated to urban affairs.[4] It has been active since 2003 and runs the biennial World Mayor award, as well as providing pro bono consultancy services. Unlike Eurocities and United Cities and Local Governments it is wholly independent of any city.[5]

Winners of the World Mayor Prize[edit]

Year Name Mayor of Reference
2004 Edi Rama Albania Tirana [1]
2005 Dora Bakoyannis Greece Athens [2]
2006 John So Australia Melbourne [3]
2008 Helen Zille South Africa Cape Town [4]
2010 Syed Mustafa Kamal Pakistan Karachi [5]
2012 Iñaki Azkuna Spain Bilbao [6]
2014 Naheed Nenshi Canada Calgary [7]
2016 Bart Somers Belgium Mechelen [8]

Runners up (Commendations)[edit]

Year Name Mayor of Reference
2004 Andrés Manuel López Obrador Mexico Mexico City [9]
2005 Hazel McCallion Canada Mississauga [10]
2006 Job Cohen Netherlands Amsterdam [11]
2008 Elmar Ledergerber Switzerland Zurich [12]
2010 Mick Cornett United States Oklahoma City [13]
2012 Lisa Scaffidi Australia Perth [14]
2014 Daniël Termont Belgium Ghent [15]
2016 Wolfgang Müller [de] Germany Lahr [16]
2016 Georgios Kaminis Greece Athens [17]


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