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World Medical Center
Industry Health information technology
Founded 1998
Founder Arne Veidung
Headquarters Bergen, Norway
Area served
Key people

Ronny Kausland, CEO
Trond Rørnes, Chairman
Arne Veidung, Board member

Dr. Michael Nobel, Board member
Products Personal health records
Medical cards
Website www.wmc-card.com

World Medical Card is a product and registered trademark belonging to WMC Technologies AS, a Norwegian company[1] headquartered in Bergen, Norway. The company's business is health information technology, more specifically supplying personal health records.


World Medical Center was established in 1998 to create a system to improve safety for people requiring immediate medical treatment by doctors unfamiliar with the patients' medical history.

In cooperation with specialists in acute medicine and the University of Bergen, the company developed an international, personal medical card (World Medical Card) to allow individuals to carry essential medical information with them at all times and everywhere in the world.

Early experimental versions included smart card and data matrix versions, but those were abandoned as they required specific infrastructure to be installed at the facility receiving the patient in order to be useful. The latest generation of cards include the information in printed letters, but the content is only accessible by physically cutting open the card, which reveals an emergency code that provides the medical professional access to a read-only web profile describing the card holder.

Later products include a web-based personal health record, to manage personal information while also serving as the source of information for producing the card, and a mobile application.

The company has been a pioneer in promoting the use of ICD-10[2] and ATC[3] codes as defined by the World Health Organization for processing all medical data.

Current product[edit]

The current "World Medical Card" comprises three main elements:

  • A web-based health profile that allows the user to add and edit personal health data ("onWeb")[4]
  • A mobile app that gives access to the same data, translated to a language of choice ("onMobile")[5]
  • A sealed physical card containing a condensed summary of the holder's health information ("onCard")[6]

The product's main purpose is to allow the user to manage and access vital personal data such as:


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