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The World Mixed Pairs Championship is a bridge championship for mixed-gender pairs held every four years as part of the World Bridge Championships.


World meets commonly run for 15 days on a schedule whose details vary.

In 2006 the Mixed Pairs played Saturday to Monday, the first three days of the meet, with no other events underway. There were three qualifier and three final sessions with a consolation event ("Plate") during the last two sessions. Contemporary coverage lists 481 pairs in the qualifying stage; 182 in the final stage; 238 and 232 pairs in the two-session Plate on the third day, or almost 80% of the non-qualifiers.[1]

The 2010 champions Donna Compton and Fulvio Fantoni, from the U.S. and Italy, were the first transnational winners, but they were succeeded by 2014 champions Kerri Sanborn and Jack Zhao from the U.S. and China. United States pairs had won seven of the preceding 11 tournaments. Sanborn also won the gold medal as Kerri Shuman in 1978, playing with Barry Crane, and she is the only double winner. Sanborn/Shuman and Sabine Auken/Zenkel of Germany have won three medals.[2]

Five champions have also won the Open or Women Pairs: Mary Jane Farell, Kerri Sanborn, Karen McCallum, Jeff Meckstroth, and Fulvio Fantoni. At one meet the best performances are Joan Durran winning gold and silver in 1966, Marcin Leśniewski gold and bronze in 1994.

Year, Site Entries female male
1966 [3]

Amsterdam, Netherlands 



1.   United States Mary Jane Farell United States Ivan Erdos
2. United Kingdom Joan Durran United Kingdom Maurice Weissberger
3. Italy Nuccia Zeppegno Italy Vito Pittalà
1970 [4]

Stockholm, Sweden



1. United States Barbara Brier United States Waldemar von Zedtwitz
2. United Kingdom Rixi Markus Switzerland Georges Catzeflis
3. Israel Rima Sinder Israel Michael Hochzeit
1974 [5]

Las Palmas, Spain



1. Switzerland Loula Gordon Switzerland Tony Trad
2. United States Jacqui Mitchell United States Jimmy Cayne
3. France Nadine Cohen France Edmond Vial
1978 [6]

New Orleans, USA

1. United States Kerri Shuman United States Barry Crane
2. United States Heitie Noland United States Jim Jacoby
3. United States Carol Sanders United States Lou Bluhm
After 1980 it was determined that the world championships in even years would continue to be played in Europe and North America. 
1982 [7]

Biarritz, France

1. Canada Dianna Gordon Canada George Mittelman
2. United States Peggy Sutherlin United States John Sutherlin
3. France Isabelle Viennois France Jean-Louis Viennois
1986 [8]

Miami Beach, USA

1. United States Pam Wittes United States Jon Wittes
2. United States Kerri Shuman United States Bob Hamman
3. United States Rozanne Pollack United States Bill Pollack
1990 [9]

Geneva, Switzerland

1. United States Juanita Chambers United States Peter Weichsel
2. Sweden Eva-Liss Göthe Sweden Lars Andersson
3. United States Kathie Walvick United States Walt Walvick
1994 [10]

Albuquerque, USA

1. Poland Danuta Hocheker Poland Apolinary Kowalski
2. Germany Sabine Zenkel United States Bob Hamman
3. Poland Ewa Harasimowicz Poland Marcin Leśniewski
1998 [11][12]

Lille, France

1. Italy Enza Rossano Italy Antonio Vivaldi
2. France Claude Blouquit France Marc Bompis
3. Germany Sabine Auken Denmark Jens Auken
2002 [13][14]

Montreal, Canada

1. United States Becky Rogers United States Jeff Meckstroth
2. France Elisabeth Hugon France Jean-Jacques Palau
3. Germany Sabine Auken Denmark Jens Auken
2006 [15][16]

Verona, Italy

487 1. United States Karen McCallum United States Matt Granovetter
2. United States Jill Levin United States Bobby Levin
3. United States JoAnna Stansby United States Lew Stansby
2010 [17][18]

Philadelphia, USA

434 1. United States Donna Compton Italy Fulvio Fantoni
2. Canada Kismet Fung United States Brian Glubok
3. United States Joan Lewis United States Robert Hopkins
2014 [2]

Sanya, China

130 1. United States Kerri Sanborn China Jack Zhao (Zhao Jie)
2. Netherlands Meike Wortel United States Jacek Pszczola
3. China Wang Nan China Zhang Bangxiang

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