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The 2007 World Music Awards (19th annual World Music Awards) was held November 4, 2007 in Monaco for the first time in several years. Awards were presented based on record sales rather than any vote. All proceeds from the evening were donated to the construction of a hospital in Darfur. The show was hosted by Julian McMahon. Performers included Nightwish, Akon, Amr Diab, Avril Lavigne, Cascada, Celine Dion, Ciara, Laura Pausini, Maná and Rihanna.

Legend Awards[edit]

Patti LaBelle singing at the memorial service for the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia, February 6, 2003.
  • Outstanding contribution to R & B: Patti LaBelle
    • Announcing Patti LaBelle's Legend Award for outstanding contribution to R&B music, Ciara named Patti as "the High Priestess of Good Vibrations." [1] Patti's benevolent attitude was best summed up with her own words. "It's not about making money, because I don’t need money, but I need to sing." [1]
  • Outstanding Contribution to Music: Celine Dion
    • Prince Albert II, presenting Celine Dion's Legend Award, praised the Canadian artist. According to the Prince, "Her contribution to music is as potent as her courageous voice." [1]

Entertainer of the year[edit]




  • World's Best Selling Internet Artist: Akon


  • World's Best Selling Latin Group: Maná


  • Best Selling New Artist: Mika


Pop Rock[edit]

  • World's Best Selling Pop Rock Female Artist: Avril Lavigne
  • World's Best Selling Pop Rock Male Artist: Mika

Rap Hip Hop[edit]

  • World's Best Selling Rap Hip Hop Artist: 50 Cent


Akon Charlotte, North Carolina, May 12, 2007.
  • World's Best Selling R&B Female Artist: Ciara
  • World's Best Selling R&B Male Artist: Akon

Regional Awards[edit]

Top Award Winners[edit]

  • Akon won three awards: (1) Best Selling R&B Male Artist, (2) Best Selling African Artist and (3) Best Selling Internet Artist
  • Mika won three awards: (1) Best Selling British Artist, (2) Best Selling New Artist and (3) Best Selling Pop /Rock Male Artist.
  • Rihanna won two awards: (1) Entertainer of the Year and (2) Best Selling Pop Female Artist
  • Avril Lavigne won two awards: (1) Best Selling Pop Rock Female Artist and (2) Best Selling Canadian Artist.
  • Justin Timberlake won two awards: (1) World's Best Selling Pop Male Artist and (2) Best Selling American Artist.
  • Maná won two awards: (1) World's Best Selling Latin Group and (2) Best Selling Latin American Artist.

Official sponsor[edit]

This year's World Music Awards was sponsored by English fashion brand Belstaff, one of the best known companies in its field with many products appearing in Hollywood blockbuster movies including Mission Impossible III, Ocean's Twelve and The Departed.


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