Fast5 Netball World Series

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Fast5 Netball World Series
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2016 Fast5 Netball World Series
Fast5 Auckland 2012.jpg
2012 logo
Sport Netball (Fast5)
Inaugural season 2009
No. of teams 6
Most recent
 New Zealand
Most titles  New Zealand (6 times)
TV partner(s) Australia Nine Network
New Zealand Sky Sport
England Sky Sports

The Fast5 Netball World Series is an international netball competition that was contested for the first time in October 2009. The new competition features modified "Fast5" rules, and has been likened to Twenty20 cricket and rugby sevens.[1][2] The competition is contested by the six top national netball teams in the world, according to the INF World Rankings.[3]


Before 2008, the major competitions in international netball were the Netball World Championships and the netball event of the Commonwealth Games, both held every four years. First-tier national teams also participated in yearly test series, with others playing in regional events. However, several significant changes in international netball occurred in 2008. Changes to international test rules were finalised at an International Federation of Netball Associations (IFNA) congress in Auckland in 2007, and progressively rolled out across netball-playing countries the following year.[4] The IFNA also introduced a new world rankings system to compare the performances of national teams.[5] In England, a campaign was started advocating netball's inclusion in the Olympic Games, as a demonstration sport in 2012 and potentially as a competitive sport from 2016.[6] In the Southern Hemisphere, the sport attained semi-professional status in Australia and New Zealand with the introduction of the ANZ Championship.[7][8]

Also, in December 2008 a new international netball competition was announced, the World Netball Series, to be contested in 2009 under modified rules.[1] The new rules had been trialled by England junior and senior squads over a 12-month period.[9] DVDs were sent to coaches of the participating teams for consultation. Some of the new rules were announced in December 2008, including six-minute playing quarters and power plays;[1][10] others were announced in February 2009.[9]

Prior to the 2012 edition the rules were revamped and renamed Fast5.[11]


The competition is held over three days, and is played under Fast5 rules. Each team plays each other once during the first two days in a round-robin format. The four highest-scoring teams from this stage progress to the finals, played on the final day of competition, in which the 1st-ranked team plays the 4th-ranked team, while 2nd plays 3rd. The winners of these two matches contest the Grand Final; the remaining teams contest the third- and fifth-place playoffs.[12]


The first three editions of the tournament were held in England. Initially, Manchester was to host all three seasons in England at the MEN Arena. The venue is the largest indoor arena in Europe, capable of seating around 20,000 spectators.[13] However, the 2010 tournament was held in Liverpool at the Echo Arena,as will the 2011 tournament.

In 2012 the tournament was hosted in Auckland's Vector Arena.[14]


Year Host Final 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Winner Final Score Runner-up
2009 England
 New Zealand 32-27  Jamaica  Australia  England  Malawi  Samoa
2010 England
 New Zealand 28-26  England  Jamaica  Australia  Malawi  South Africa
2011 England
 England 33-26  New Zealand  Australia  Jamaica  South Africa  Fiji
2012 New Zealand
 New Zealand 23-21  England  South Africa  Jamaica  Malawi  Australia
2013 New Zealand
 New Zealand 56-27  Australia  Jamaica  South Africa  Malawi  England
2014 New Zealand
 New Zealand 35-31  Australia  England  Jamaica  South Africa  Malawi
2016 Australia
 New Zealand 41-16  Australia  Malawi  England  Jamaica  South Africa
2017 Australia
2018 Australia


The World Netball Series is organised by the International Netball Federation (INF), in conjunction with the national governing bodies of the six competing nations each year, UK Sport and the host city's local council.[15] England Netball covers air travel, accommodation, food and local travel expenses for all teams during the competition, while the respective netball governing bodies cover player allowances.[16]


Australian coach Norma Plummer greeted the new tournament positively: "If you want your sport to keep growing these days, it's got to become up with the times and keep having innovations that make the game exciting for not only the players, but all the spectators."[17] But Plummer also expressed some reservations about power plays being used against substantially weaker teams, and also about penalty shootouts and the new centre pass rule.[18]

Netball New Zealand (NNZ) Chief Executive Raelene Castle stated that she was "excited about what the new competition could bring to the ever-increasing profile of Netball internationally".[19] However, Castle also acknowledged that the shortened version of the game "may not be for everyone". New Zealand netball and basketball player Donna Wilkins also stated her concerns about the sport becoming too similar to basketball.[20]


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