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World News Today
World News Today.png
World News Today with Zeinab Badawi 2007–2013
Created by BBC World News
Presented by Philippa Thomas (Wed-Thu)
Karin Giannone (Sun–Tue)
Kasia Madera (Fri)
Alpa Patel (Sat)
Nancy Kacungira
Various (Sun)
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
Production location(s) Studio C, Broadcasting House, London
Running time 30 minutes
Original network BBC World News
BBC Four
BBC Four HD (2013-)
BBC News Channel
BBC News Channel HD
Picture format HDTV 1080i
Original release 31 May 2006
Preceded by The World / BBC News at Nine
Related shows BBC World News
BBC World News America
Focus on Africa,
Outside Source,
BBC Breakfast,
BBC News at One,
BBC News at Five,
BBC News at Six,
BBC News at Nine,
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World News Today

World News Today is a current affairs news programme, produced by BBC News, presented by Philippa Thomas, Kasia Madera, Alice Baxter, Alpa Patel and Karin Giannone. It was originally conceived as a morning television show aimed at American audiences, hosted by George Alagiah, but later expanded to six editions a day aimed at different markets. There is now one daily edition only, aimed as an evening news programme for the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa part-simulcast on BBC Four, BBC News Channel and BBC World News.


The programme originally used the same graphics and music as BBC World, though when The World on BBC Four was renamed World News Today, all editions were given a separate set of graphics and music with three being simulcast in the UK (03:00, 12:00, 19:00). Since April 2008 the standard title sequence used by the BBC's English Regions has been used, with some graphical alterations and with international images included. The first 30 mins of each broadcast is still simulcast on BBC Four.

As part of a channel refresh on BBC World News, five editions of World News Today were replaced on 1 February 2010 with GMT, Impact Asia now Impact, The Hub (later replaced with Global in 2013), Business Edition (later replaced by Outside Source and World News Today but returned replacing an edition of World News Today under the name Business Live), and a standard edition of BBC World News (replaced by Outside Source in 2014).[1]

2015 changes[edit]

On 5 June 2015, a new edition was launched on the BBC News Channel and BBC World News at 21:00 BST (summer) or GMT (winter) on Friday–Sunday.[2] Half an hour was dropped in November for the return of Business Edition. This replaced the BBC News at Nine and a standard edition of BBC World News on weekends.

2017 changes[edit]

Since the inauguration of Donald Trump as US president, World News Today has not been broadcast on Monday to Thursdays. Additionally, beginning at the end of April, World News Today was off air for a number of weeks, a change which was originally meant to be permanent but was later reversed, meaning that World News Today continues to be broadcast at 7pm UK time on Fridays and at 9pm UK time Friday-Sunday.

However, the 17 July schedules show that World News Today would return to the Monday-Thursday at 18GMT (19:00 BST) on BBC Four and BBC World News.[3] Katty Kay and Christian Fraser announced on 100 Days+ that the programme would end on the Thursday.[4]

Between the 22 December and 1 January Beyond 100 Days and Outside Source were both replaced with an edition of World News Today at 7pm on BBC World News and at 9pm on the BBC News Channel. On the 1 December PBS America announced that the US network has acquired the rights to simulcast World News Today starting from January 1.[5]


The remaining original edition shown on BBC Four and BBC World News is presented by:

Years Presenter Current role
2014–present Christian Fraser Main presenter[3]
2007–present Philippa Thomas
2008–present Karin Giannone
2013–present Kasia Madera
2015–present Alpa Patel
2016–present Ben Bland Relief presenter
2014–present Geeta Guru Murthy Regluar relief presenter
2017 Lukwesa Burak Regluar relief presenter
2015–present Chris Rogers Relief presenter
2016–present Tom Donkin Occasional relief presenter
2016–present Reged Ahmad Occasional relief presenter

When Badawi presented, the title sequence stated World News Today with Zeinab Badawi. However, when she did not, as she was often on assignment, the titles only showed World News Today, regardless of the alternate presenter. This only happened if she wasn't reporting from a location on a topic covered in the show.

Thomas, Giannone and Madera still present from different parts of the world. Giannone presented from South Africa in December 2013 following the death of Nelson Mandela and during live coverage from the trial of Oscar Pistorius in Pretoria. Madera presented from Poland during the Polish parliamentary election, 2015. Thomas, Sharma, presented from Washington in October / November 2016 for the 2016 US presidential election.

Guest presenters[edit]

The list below refers to people who have occasionally presented on an ad hoc basis:

Former presenters[edit]

Years Presenter Role
200?–2012 Kirsty Lang Deputy presenter
2013–2014 Rajesh Mirchandani Relief presenter
2007–2014 Zeinab Badawi Main presenter
2008–2015 Peter Dobbie Relief / main presenter
2015 Dani Sinha Relief / weekend presenter
2014–2016 Adnan Nawaz Relief
2014–2016 Daniela Ritorto Relief


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