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World Nomad Games athlete and falcon

World Nomad Games (Kyrgyz: Дүйнөлүк көчмөндөр оюндары) are an international sport competition dedicated to ethnic sports practiced in Central Asia. The first three World Nomad Games were held in Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan; however, Turkey has been announced as the host of the fourth games.

Sports and disciplines[edit]

A cultural program[edit]

2016 nomadic village

The Games are surrounded by a cultural and ethnical program. During the first edition of the Games, a yurt village was installed, and cultural events not linked with the Games' disciplines occurred, as well as other entertaining activities.

List of Nomad Games[edit]


Number Year Host Country Host City Sports
1 2014  Kyrgyzstan Cholpon-Ata 10 + 4
2 2016  Kyrgyzstan Cholpon-Ata 23
3 2018  Kyrgyzstan Cholpon-Ata 37
4 2022  Turkey Bursa
5 2024  Azerbaijan TBC
  • 2020 Event delayed until 2022 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic[5][6]

Medals (2014-2018)[edit]

1 Kyrgyzstan (KGZ)817779237
2 Kazakhstan (KAZ)404652138
3 Russia (RUS)29174288
4 Turkmenistan (TKM)2882157
5 Uzbekistan (UZB)8122949
6 Iran (IRI)681630
7 Azerbaijan (AZE)5101530
8 Hungary (HUN)54817
9 Ukraine (UKR)371020
10 Mongolia (MGL)362332
11 Turkey (TUR)3137
12 Tajikistan (TJK)24713
13 Georgia (GEO)2338
14 Serbia (SRB)2114
15 Antigua and Barbuda2013
16 Bashkortostan13610
17 Tatarstan1225
18 Slovakia (SVK)1203
19 China (CHN)11810
20 Lithuania (LTU)1056
21 Moldova (MDA)1045
22 Latvia (LAT)1023
23 Bulgaria (BUL)1012
 Germany (GER)1012
 United Arab Emirates (UAE)1012
26 United States (USA)0347
27 Armenia (ARM)0224
28 Poland (POL)0213
29 Ghana (GHA)0202
30 Argentina (ARG)0123
31 Ecuador (ECU)0112
 Estonia (EST)0112
33 Belarus (BLR)0022
 India (IND)0022
 South Korea (KOR)0022
36 Afghanistan (AFG)0011
 Brazil (BRA)0011
 Japan (JPN)0011
 Netherlands (NED)0011
 Norway (NOR)0011
 Singapore (SIN)0011
Totals (41 yess)229224363816

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