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World Order
World Order in Bangkok in 2016.jpg
World Order during a performance in Bangkok in 2016
Background information
Years active2009–present
LabelsPony Canyon
MembersGenki Sudo
Yusuke Morisawa
Akihiro Takahashi
Hayato Uchiyama
Ryuta Tomita
Past membersKiyoyuki Sakiyama
Ryo Noguchi
Masato Ochiai
Takashi Jonishi

World Order (stylized as WORLD ORDER) is a Japanese band formed by Genki Sudo following his retirement from mixed martial arts. The band is best known for their tightly choreographed robotic dance performances in public places.[1] As of April 2018, World Order's YouTube channel has over 107 million views.[2]


World Order was formed in 2009 by Genki Sudo and a group of male dancers following Sudo's retirement from mixed martial arts. Prior to this, Sudo had been a mixed martial arts fighter, Takushoku University Wrestling section director, and actor. Artists active in the techno genre such as Takashi Watanabe and Ken Ishii have helped to create World Order's musical image. In Japan, after several appearances on popular television programs, World Order's name recognition has expanded to the general public. The group has gained high praise, particularly from abroad, for their play on the visual stereotype of Japanese office workers and robotic dance performances. In a 2014 interview with the Japan Times, Sudo said, "When we started, I liked the idea of adding a bit of humor to the Hollywood stereotype that all Japanese people are serious so I decided we should dance in a robotic way wearing glasses and suits."[3] On December 16, 2009, World Order released their eponymous debut song "World Order" on iTunes. On July 7, 2010, the band released their debut album, World Order. The band gained recognition for their 2011 song "Machine Civilization," which was produced in response to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.[4] On June 20, 2012, the band released their second album 2012, which peaked at 6th place on the Oricon Weekly Album chart.[5] On December 17, 2014, the band released their third album Have a Nice Day. As of 2016, the group has traveled to Tokyo, Kyoto, Yokohama, the United States, Mexico, South Korea, United Kingdom, France, Germany, China, and India to shoot their music videos.

On March 15, 2012, at a promotional event for Dell Streak Pro in Tokyo, World Order set the Guinness World Record for "Largest Robot Dance" at 647 people. The band danced to their song "World Order" along with 640 dancers.[6] This record was later broken in 2013 by the National Association of College and University Residence Halls at the University of Pittsburgh.[7]

In February 2015, World Order was featured in the 26th season premiere of the CBS reality television show The Amazing Race. Teams had the opportunity to participate in a detour where they would attempt to mimic World Order's dance moves. The dance was set to the "Welcome to Tokyo" version of the song WORLD ORDER.

In October 2015, Genki Sudo resigned from World Order as a dance member and lead vocalist, instead choosing to focus on being director and producer of the group. However, he is still occasionally featured as a member of the group in their new content, despite his departure. Masato Ochiai and Akihiro Takahashi have been put forward as the vocalists of the group.[8][9]

In August 2017, Masato Ochiai left the group due to poor physical condition, making the group a five-member unit.[10] This left Akihiro Takahashi as the sole lead vocalist of the group.

In January 2018, Genki Sudo announced his return as a dance member of World Order.[11]

In June 2018, Takashi Jonishi announced his departure as a dance member of World Order. He has organized a new group specialized in a style called "Pull-Up Dance." Jonishi hopes that his group and World Order can perform together someday. He still cooperates with World Order as technical staff.[12]


World Order[edit]

Released: July 7, 2010

Publisher: P-Vine Records

1."World Order"4:30
2."Mind Shift"4:58
3."A Brave New World"5:17
4."Boy Meets Girl"5:02
5."Blue Boundary"4:39
6."Love and Everything"5:01


Released: June 20, 2012

Publisher: Pony Canyon

1."The History of Voice"4:45
3."Machine Civilization"5:31
4."Hello Atlantis"4:31
5."Change Your Life"3:54
7."World Order" (Tax Haven Remix)4:18

Find the Light/Permanent Revolution[edit]

Released: November 28, 2012

Publisher: Pony Canyon

1."Find the Light"4:27
2."Permanent Revolution"3:56
3."Find the Light" (Remix)4:09
4."Permanent Revolution" (Remix)3:58

Genki Sudo Presents: World Order in Budokan[edit]

Released: August 7, 2013

Publisher: Pony Canyon

Have a Nice Day[edit]

Released: December 17, 2014

Publisher: Pony Canyon

2."Last Dance" 
3."This Is Life" 
4."Have a Nice Day" 
5."Informal Empire" 
6."World Order" (Welcome to Tokyo Remix) 
7."Machine Civilization" (Inner Child Remix)5:59
8."Aquarius" (3.8 Remix)4:48

World Order Performance Video Collection [edit]

Released: August 31, 2017

Publisher: Pony Canyon

1."History of Voice 2015"2:05
3."The Next Phase"4:45
4."Quiet Happiness"3:31
5."Have a Nice Day" (Shibuya Ver.)2:10


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