World Organization of Independent Scouts

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World Organization of Independent Scouts
World Organization of Independent Scouts.svg
Country Worldwide
Founded 2010
Membership 15,000 (est.)[1]
President Hugo Paniagua
Official website
 Scouting portal

The World Organization of Independent Scouts is an international Scouting organization for traditional Scouting.



African Region
Interamerican Region
  • Argentina: Asociación Nacional Civil Argentina de Scouts Independientes - ANCASI
  • Brazil: Federação dos Escoteiros tradicionais [3]
  • Chile: Scouts Tradicionales Chillán - Ñuble
  • Chile: Federación Nacional de Boy Scouts y Girl Guides de Chile
  • Colombia: Organización Scouts Independientes de Colombia
  • Ecuador: Asociación de Scouts y Guías del Ecuador[citation needed]
  • Mexico: Asociación de Grupos de Scouts de México A. C.
  • Paraguay: Baden Powell Scouts del Paraguay
  • Uruguay: Scouts de Uruguay[4]
  • Venezuela: Associación de Scouts Independientes de Venezuela
Asia Pacific Region
  • Nepal: Nepal Peace Scouts (Nepal Shanti Scouts)
European Region

Former members[edit]


  • Argentina: Asociación Scouts y Guías de la República Argentina
  • Argentina: Unión Argentina de Scouts Independientes
  • Argentina: Institucion Argentina de Scoutismo Adulto
  • Argentina: Scouts Navales de Argentina [7]
  • Brazil: Associação de Escoteiros do Mar do Distrito Federal
  • Chile: Agrupación de Guías y Scouts Cristianos de Chile
  • Colombia: Asociación Colombiana de Scout Independientes
  • Italy: Associazione Scautistica Cattolica Italiana
  • Mexico: Asociacion Nacional Escultista Caballeros Y Guias Aztecas A.C.
  • Paraguay: Asociación Scout Baden Powell del Paraguay
  • Paraguay: Unión de Scouts Navales y Aeronavales del Paraguay


The membership badge for youth is a white Fleur-de-lis with two azure five-point stars on an azure background. The membership badge for adults is an azure Fleur-de-lis on a white background.


The World Organization of Independent Scouts was founded in 2010 by former members of the World Federation of Independent Scouts.

World Jamboree[edit]

The WOIS held their first World Jamboree 20 to 26 July 2014 in Ambato, Ecuador.[8]