World Pantheist Movement

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The World Pantheist Movement (WPM) is an international organization which promotes naturalistic pantheism,[1] a philosophy which asserts that spirituality should be centered on nature. Paul Harrison is their founder and president.[2]

External appearance[edit]

Its symbol is the spiral as seen in the curves of the nautilus shell[3] which embodies the Fibonacci series and the golden ratio.

Beliefs and practice[edit]

The WPM uses the term “divine” rather than “god” and states that the universe as a whole is one with and or reflection of divinity. It has developed a pantheist credo as a guide (not indispensable set of rules for the members) and sees the universe as an everlasting, diverse and self-organized unit. All human beings are part of it and should therefore preserve the nature. The main focus is based on scientific pantheism[4] and a naturalistic approach with reverence to the physical universe, oriented towards environmentalism with respect for human and animal rights.[5]


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