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The World Parliament Experiment (WPE) was an online debating forum which allows participants to vote on issues, elect representatives and change procedures. The provisional parliament is open to anyone to join and has an elected speaker and various other delegates.

The WPE was first called The Global Democracy Experiment (TGDE).


The WPE aimed to become a real political factor, and to eventually create a united, direct democratic world. Proponents claim that the more people participate, the more important the WPE will become, so that the WPE results would be introduced into the international political process as claims to decisions-makers during the first phase of its development. In the long run, the WPE was meant to serve as a role model for the establishment of a real-life World Parliament.

WPE used a direct democratic online voting system with delegated voting, where every member could post proposals that the other members can view, improve, debate and finally decide upon.


More than 400 students from over 100 countries participated in a World Parliament Experiment during the International Student Festival in Trondheim, Norway, on February 22, 2007.


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