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The World Petroleum Council (WPC) is an oil and gas industry forum and international organization representing the petroleum sector worldwide [1][2][3][4][5]

WPC has been called "the world’s premier oil & gas forum since 1933."[6] It is widely recognised to "include the most prestigious national oil and gas companies and agencies of the world"[7]

World Petroleum Congress[edit]

The premier conference that is organized by the World Petroleum Council is called the World Petroleum Congress. Starting in 1933, the congress was held every four years until 1991, with a 14-year hiatus in between 1937 and 1951 because of World War II. After 1991, it was held every three years until the year 2000. There was a move to have it hosted every two years after the 2000 edition, with Rio de Janeiro hosting one in 2002, but the cycle returned to every three years after that. In order to host a congress, there is a bidding process by interested cities for one in a particular year.[8]

WPC Year Host city Host country
1st 1933 London  United Kingdom
2nd 1937 Paris  France
3rd 1951 The Hague  Netherlands
4th 1955 Rome  Italy
5th 1959 New York City  United States
6th 1963 Frankfurt  West Germany
7th 1967 Mexico City  Mexico
8th 1971 Moscow  Soviet Union
9th 1975 Tokyo  Japan
10th 1979 Bucharest  Romania
11th 1983 London  United Kingdom
12th 1987 Houston  United States
13th 1991 Buenos Aires  Argentina
14th 1994 Stavanger  Norway
15th 1997 Beijing  China
16th [1] 2000 Calgary  Canada
17th [2] 2002 Rio de Janeiro  Brazil
18th [3] 2005 Johannesburg  South Africa
19th [4] 2008 Madrid  Spain
20th [5] 2011 Doha  Qatar
21st [6] 2014 Moscow  Russia
22nd [7] 2017 Istanbul  Turkey
23rd [8] 2020 Houston  United States


The Dewhurst Award[edit]

This award is named for Institute of Petroleum President Thomas Dewhurst (1881-1973), who organized the first World Petroleum Congress in 1933, and is awarded to individuals who have shown "excellence in the petroleum industry."[9]


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