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The World Pool League (WPL) was a nine ball pool tournament promoted by Matchroom Sport and PartyGaming,[1] and sanctioned by the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA). All of the events were held in Warsaw, Poland, annually from 1999 to 2006.[1] Six notable players were selected to participate in each event, which lasted for three days.[1] Despite its name, the WPA was simply an invitational tournament, not a league in the usual sporting senses. The victor in the final event was Dennis Orcollo of the Philippines, 8–5 over Niels Feijen of the Netherlands, for a US$20,000 first-place prize.[1]


Round robin stage[edit]

The players were arranged such that each on the others once, in round-robin fashion. Unlike most matches in the sport where a player has to score a required number of racks to win, players in this round play in an assigned number of racks (for example: 10 racks or 12 racks). If a player won more racks than those remaining in the match, 2 points were earned. If the match ended with two players in the same score, then both settled for a point each. The leading 4 players in the field proceeded to the semi-finals.

Semi-finals and final[edit]

The semi-finals were single-elimination (knock-out). The final was played as a race (such as race-to-nine or race-to-eight).


Year 1st place 2nd place
1998 United States Jim Rempe[1] Italy Fabio Petroni
1999 United States Jim Rempe Philippines Efren Reyes
2000 United Kingdom Steve Knight Philippines Francisco Bustamante
2001 Philippines Efren Reyes[1] United Kingdom Steve Davis
2002 Philippines Efren Reyes United States Earl Strickland
2003 United States Rodney Morris[1] Germany Thorsten Hohmann
2004 Philippines Francisco Bustamante[1] Canada Alex Pagulayan
2005 Germany Thorsten Hohmann[1] Philippines Francisco Bustamante
2006 Philippines Dennis Orcollo[1] Netherlands Niels Feijen[1]


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