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The World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) is a powerlifting federation hosting meets around the world. The federation hosts competitions which allow multi-ply equipment, but hosted a Raw world championship for the first time in 2009.

The WPC was established in 1986 and has affiliates in 37 countries.[1]

In 1999, the WPC started to host drug tested competitions under the AWPC banner, with both raw and equipped contests. The competitive season comes to an end each year in November, as qualified lifters from different countries compete in the annual WPC World Championships.

The United States affiliate for the WPC is the American Powerlifting Federation (APF). The APF has several series of qualifying competitions that allow athletes to advance from the local/state level, to the national level, and then finally to the international level, the WPC/AWPC.

As of 2013, the British affiliate is known as the BPU (British Powerlifting Union), following the BPC (British Powerlifting Committee) losing the WPC licence.

WPC World Championships[edit]



WPC world champions

Year 52 kilograms 56 kilograms 60 kilograms 67.5 kilograms 75 kilograms 82.5 kilograms 90 kilograms 100 kilograms 110 kilograms 125 kilograms 140 kilograms Open
1987[3] United States Mike Nelson United States Ernesto Milian United States John Carr United States Ed Morishima United States Ausby Alexander United States Michael Phillips United States Buddy Duke United States Ed Coan United States Willie Bell United States Bill Nichols
1988 South Africa Gerrit Badenhorst
1989 South Africa Gerrit Badenhorst
1990[4] United States Peterson United States Doug Heat United StatesNorm Shackelford United States Joseph McCoy United States Ed Riley United States Mankamyer United Kingdom Mesa South Africa Eugene Van der Merwer United States Brock South Africa Gerrit Badenhorst South Africa Mark Robinson
1996[5][6] United Kingdom Gary Mellor United Kingdom Steven Grey United States Doug Heath South Africa Andre Fourie South Africa Neville Primich United States Tom Rutigliano United States Jesse Kellum Austria Gerhard Depner South Africa Justin Koenig United Kingdom Lee Marshall Austria Gerhard Holleitner United Kingdom Peter Tregloan
2000[7] United States Ernesto Milian Germany Reno Karkuschke Finland Sakari Selkainaho United States Angelo Berardinelli United States Joseph Dougherty United States Jesse Kellum Austria Gerhard Depner United States Paul Urchick Finland Ano Turtainen United Kingdom Andy Bolton United States Garry Frank
2001[8] Finland Toni Haaperanta South Africa David Ramokadi South Africa Gianfranco Manca South Africa Andries Randall South Africa Bronson Brown Austria Bernhard Schwab South Africa Chris Muller Germany Michael Schrott Germany Uwe Frey United Kingdom Andy Bolton
2002[9] Finland Toni Haaperanta Latvia Vladimir Morozovs Sweden Martin Almqvist United States Ron Palmer Finland Tatu Avola Germany Harald Selsam Finland Jani Ihalainen Finland Ano Turtiainen Finland Niko Laaperi United Kingdom Peter Tregloan
2003[10] Germany Reno Karkuschke Finland Juha Jaakkola United States Sean Baker Finland Tatu Avola United States Benji Hill Finland Jani Ihalainen United States Jason Patrick Canada Allan Meehan United States Brent Mikesell
2004[11] United States Shant Sheklanian United States Charles Morse United States Mike Brown Germany Harald Selsam United States Justin Graalfs United States James Grandick United States James Hoskinson
2005[12] Russia Igor Arlamyev Russia Oleg Artemyev United States Otis Brown Russia Illya Kokorev Russia Vasily Tevetkov Russia Andrey Sharapov Germany Alexander Matveev Finland Mika Virtanen Russia Maxim Mikhaylov Germany Christian Poppe Russia Artur Stepanov Hungary Tibor Meszaros
2006[13] Ukraine Suradzh Chebotar Ukraine Roman Murygin Ukraine Oleksandr Kutchr Russia Stanislav Pryakhin United States Phillip Delmonti United States Shawn Frankl Azerbaijan Rufat Agaev Ukraine Yevgen Yarymbash United States AJ Roberts United States Chris Clark
2007[14] Russia Aleksandr Onuchin Russia Yevgeny Bagin Russia Mikhail Speranskiy Russia Sergey Ayvazov Russia Maksim Tomchin Russia Andrey Sharapov Russia Andrey Ayvazov Iran Fatemi Mehdi Russia Mikhail Glazunov Finland Ano Turtiainen Russia Igor Nastynov
2008[15] Russia Alexander Onuchin Germany Reno Karkuschke Austria Mattias Schleinzer Russia Illya Kokorev United Kingdom Chris Jenkins Ukraine Serigy Nalyeykin United States Shawn Frankl Russia Sergey Starodubskiy United States Jose Garcia United States Greg Theriot United Kingdom Andy Bolton
2009[16] Republic of Ireland Gerry McNamara Russia Illya Kokorev United Kingdom Lee Cutler United Kingdom Chris Jenkins Russia Andrey Beleyaev United Kingdom Craig Combes Russia Bratanov Vadim United Kingdom Jim Nuttall Egypt Ahmed Hassanin
2010[17] Russia Alizhan Eshchanov France Vincent Eldin Russia Illya Kokorev Russia Dmitriy Khovanskiy Belgium Steve Loncke Russia Andrey Beleyaev Finland Juha Someroja United Kingdom Mark Griffiths United Kingdom Oliver Williamson Finland Kari Kalliola
2011[18] Latvia Mihail Sabarovs Israel Oleg Ivanyukov United States Marc Tejero United Kingdom Gordon Wood Russia Vasiliy Tsvetkov Russia Maksim Piskunov Russia Andrey Belyeav Finland Juha Someroja United Kingdom Craig Coombes Portugal Luis Batista Belgium Philippe Crets

WPC Raw World Championships[edit]

The WPC began hosting the WPC Raw World Championships (without the use of single/multi-ply gear) in 2009. The only equipment allowed is a weight belt and wrist wraps.[19]


Year 56 kilograms 60 kilograms 67.5 kilograms 75 kilograms 82.5 kilograms 90 kilograms 100 kilograms 110 kilograms 125 kilograms 140 kilograms Open
2009[20] Azerbaijan Asif Beliyev Azerbaijan Elnur Eminov Russia Yevgeny Deckert Russia Sergey Konovalov Russia Alexey Merkulov Russia Andrey Balyaev Russia Sergey Starodubskiy Azerbaijan Rufat Agaev Ukraine Andriy Grin Russia Valeriy Snigirev
2010[21] Canada Lawson Stratford United States Jason Patch Canada Willie Albert Canada Greg Doucette Canada Jay Nera United States Cody Hyatt United States Brian Connolly
2011[22] Georgia (country) Georgiy Mikelashvili United Kingdom Kevin Stuart Ukraine Andriy Ivzhenko Russia Aleksey Bazhenov Ukraine Viktor Galaguz Russia Sergey Starodubskiy Germany Michael Schrott Latvia Konstantin Konstantinovs Australia Adrian Tullo

AWPC Raw World Championships[edit]

The WPC began hosting the drug tested AWPC Raw World Championships (without the use of single/multi-ply gear) in 2009. The only equipment allowed is a weight belt and wrist wraps. Unlike the WPC, the event is drug tested.[23]


Year 52 kilograms 56 kilograms 60 kilograms 67.5 kilograms 75 kilograms 82.5 kilograms 90 kilograms 100 kilograms 110 kilograms 125 kilograms 140 kilograms
2009[24] Ukraine Nikita Serenko Russia Oleg Artemyev Azerbaijan Elmir Tarverdiyev Ukraine Leonid Telipaylo Russia Rodion Puchkoviskiy Russia Aleksey Kokukhin Ukraine Nikolay Zhukov Ukraine Vadym Lozhechkin Russia Aleksandr Zaytsev Russia Sergey Lukyanov Russia Oleg Vasyuchenko


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