World Professional Muaythai Federation

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World Professional MuayThai Federation (W.P.M.F.)
IndustryMuay Thai popularize
FounderSomchart Charoengwacharawit
ParentThe Professional Boxing Association of Thailand

The World Professional MuayThai Federation (WPMF) สหพันธ์มวยไทยอาชีพโลก was formed in February 2004 by the Professional Boxing Association of Thailand (PAT). The PAT is the only organization officially recognized by the Thai government. The WPMF was founded to promote and support Muaythai worldwide, including enforcement of its traditions, rules and regulations. The WPMF is one of major organizations recognized in the world.

Current champions[edit]

Male world champions[edit]

Weight Class Champion Date Won
Super Heavyweight Russia Evgen Golovin June 14, 2013
Heavyweight Netherlands Fred Sikking June 14, 2013
Cruiserweight China Li Baoming December 4, 2014
Light Heavyweight Canada Simon Marcus March 16, 2012
Super Middleweight Japan Shintaro Matsukura September 10, 2020
Middleweight France Jimmy Vienot December 4, 2016
Super Welterweight (Interim) Thailand Singmanee Kaewsamrit December 16, 2018
Welterweight Thailand Komsan Fairtex May 13, 2017
Super Lightweight Thailand Tong AyothayaFightgym February 24, 2019
Lightweight Thailand Captainken Narupai August 8, 2014
Super Featherweight Japan Yusuke Iwaki August 11, 2019
Featherweight Thailand Krobsut Fairtex November 26, 2017
Super Bantamweight Japan Eisaku Ogasawara April 27, 2018
Bantamweight Thailand Rocky Tor Santiennoi March 31, 2018
Super Flyweight Japan Kawashima Satoshi December 1, 2019
Flyweight Japan Issei Ishii February 24, 2019
Light Flyweight Thailand Phetsila MTM Academy December 8, 2019
Mini flyweight Japan Ryuya Eiwasports gym (Ryūya Okuwaki) February 9, 2020

Female world champions[edit]

Weight Class Champion Date Won
Middleweight Vacant
Super Welterweight Vacant
Welterweight Thailand Mesar Tor.Buamart August 11, 2017
Super Lightweight Vacant
Lightweight Australia Claire Baxter December 16, 2017
Super Featherweight Canada Janice Lyn December 2015
Featherweight Canada Ashley Nichols August 25, 2016
Super Bantamweight Thailand Kaenkaew Gor.Klomkliew July 26, 2018
Bantamweight Thailand Looknam Gor.Klomkliew July 26, 2018
Super Flyweight Spain Eva Naranjo March 16, 2015
Flyweight Japan Manazo Kobayashi November 17, 2019
Light Flyweight Thailand Kwankhao LukKlongtan April 1, 2015
Mini Flyweight Thailand Gulapdam March 16, 2019
Pinweight Thailand Phayahong RongraenkeelaKorat February 24, 2019


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