World Quality Day

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World Quality Day
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Status Active
Genre Awareness day
Venue Various
Country Various
Inaugurated 2008
Most recent 2016
Organized by The Chartered Quality Institute

World Quality Day is celebrated every year around the world in November. The day was designed to increase worldwide awareness of the important contribution that quality makes towards both organisational and national growth, and prosperity.

World Quality Day takes place every year on the second Thursday of November. Businesses across the world take part in a variety of activities such as business-wide seminars, presentations, quizzes and competitions at their workplace. Events are usually organised by quality professionals based within organisations and are designed to spread the ‘importance of quality’ message to non-quality professionals.

When applied to organisations, the function of quality is to protect and enhance reputations, improve profitability and drive change. Ultimately, quality is an outcome – a characteristic of a product or service provided to a customer, and the hallmark of an organisation which has satisfied all of its stakeholders.

According to the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI), the responsibility of the quality professional can be defined through five main areas – governance, assurance, improvement, leadership and context.

The competency framework diagram showing the 5 areas of the framework; Leadership, Governance, Assurance, Improvement and context.

World Quality Day 2017[edit]

For 2017, the theme is ‘Everyday Leadership ’

Previous years[edit]

2016: Making operational governance count’ which focuses on the impact of failure and how it is putting the reputation of organisations in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors under the spotlight like never before.

2014: ‘Building a Quality World Together’ which focuses on the impact quality professionals make to an organisation.

2013: ‘Making Collaboration Count’. Designed to reflect the importance of collaborating with colleagues, departments and partner organisations

2012: ‘Quality: Delivering Competitive Advantage’. Derived from the belief that in order to survive during an economic downturn, organisations require a strong competitive advantage, and that quality management and its focus on improving efficiency and productivity can help organisations achieve this.

2011: 'In Pursuit of Excellence’. Recognising that in order to succeed, organisations must continuously strive to improve.

2010: 'Out of the Crisis'. Focused on what a fit organisation looks like and the role that quality management professionals play in facilitating fitness.

2009 Organisations worldwide ran events or participated in one of the specially organised regional events.

2008 Saw the first World Quality Day conference at the Imarsat Conference Centre in London and provided a forum for innovation, inspiration and creative ideas.

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