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World Scout Moot
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Country various (list below)
Date 1931 onwards
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Scouts and Guides from different countries at World Scout Moot, Sweden, 1996.

The World Scout Moot is a gathering of older Scouts, mainly Rover Scouts, ages 18–26 (although there was no upper age limit for the earlier Moots) from all over the world. Moots are held every four years and are organized by the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM).

The original name was World Rover Moot, which was later changed to World Moot (because the term Rover was less and less used) and later to World Scout Moot. Moot is also a generic term used for a gathering of any size for Scouts of this age group. The word "moot" was Old English and originally meant a meeting or assembly.[1]

The World Scout Jamboree is a similar event, also organized by the WOSM, for Scouts aged 14–17.

The most recent World Scout Moot was held in Low, Quebec, Canada in 2013.[2] The next one will be in Ulfljotsvatn, Iceland in 2017.[3]

List of moots[edit]

Year Number Location Participants Countries
1931 1st World Rover Moot Kandersteg, Switzerland 3,000 20
1935 2nd World Rover Moot Ingarö, Sweden 3,000 26[4]
1939 3rd World Rover Moot Monzie, Scotland 3,500 42
1949 4th World Rover Moot Skjåk, Norway 2,500 40
1953 5th World Rover Moot Kandersteg, Switzerland 4,168[5] 41
1957 6th World Rover Moot Sutton Coldfield, U.K. 3,500 61
1961 7th World Rover Moot Melbourne, Australia 969 15
1965-66 Moot Year 10 Events 3,599
1969-70 Moot Year 26 Events 7,250
1973-74 Moot Year 22 Events 11,000
1977-78 Moot Year 23 Events 14,560
1981-82 Moot Year 31 Events 22,380
1990-91 8th World Moot Melbourne, Australia 1,000 36
1992 9th World Moot Kandersteg, Switzerland 1,400 52
1996 10th World Moot Ransberg, Sweden 2,608 78
2000 11th World Scout Moot Mexico 5,000 71
2004 12th World Scout Moot Hualien, Taiwan 2,500 85
2010 13th World Scout Moot Nairobi, Kenya 1,924[6] 66
2013 14th World Scout Moot Low, Quebec, Canada[7] 2,000 83
2017 15th World Scout Moot Ulfljotsvatn, Iceland
2021 16th World Scout Moot Larch Hill, Ireland

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