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The World Senior Teams Championship is one of the competitions held as part of the World Bridge Championships. This event was initiated in 1994 and is held every four years. It is not necessary that all team members be from the same country. Prior to 2005 all members of each team had to be at least 55 years of age. The World Bridge Federation (WBF) has decided that, as from 2005, the minimum age for a player to be recognized as Senior will be increasing one year per year, until it reaches 60 years in 2010.[1] The decision ensures that 55-year-olds who participated in a senior event in 2003 will never become ex-Seniors.


Year, Site, Entries Medalists
1994 [2]

Albuquerque, USA 

20 teams

1.  Austria Netherlands Israel Rohan
Franz Baratta (AUT), Bob Kaiser (NED), Kees Kaiser (NED), Moshe Katz (ISR), Nissan Rand (ISR), Karl Rohan (AUT)
2. United States Levine
Russell Arnold, Billy Eisenberg, Fred Hamilton, Zeke Jabbour, Mike Levine, Tom Sanders  (USA)
3. United States Canada Ryder
Howard Hertzberg (USA), Duncan Phillips (CAN), Robert Ryder (USA), Bill Solomon (CAN)
1998 [3][4]

Lille, France


1. Austria Bulgaria Israel Rohan
Franz Baratta (AUT), Christo Drumev (BUL), Moshe Katz (ISR), Nissan Rand (ISR), Karl Rohan (AUT)
2. Poland Szenberg
Aleksander Jezioro, Julian Klukowski, Stefan Szenberg, Andrzej Wilkosz  (Poland)
3. Poland Orlow
Czesław Czyżkowski, Wacław Janicki, Andrzej Milde, Józef Pochroń, Kazimierz Puczyński, Włodzimierz Stobiecki  (Poland)
2002 [5][6]

Montreal, Canada


1. Canada United States Holt
Boris Baran (CAN), Joe Godefrin (USA), Diana Holt (USA), George Mittelman (CAN), Ed Schulte (USA)
2. United States Freed
Nels Erickson, Lew Finkel, Gene Freed, Joe Kivel, Chris Larsen, Bernie Miller  (USA)
3. Netherlands Schippers
Jan Willem Bomhof, Roald Ramer, Elly Schippers, Henk Schippers  (Netherlands)
2006 [7][8]

Verona, Italy


1. Poland United States Israel Markowicz
Aleksander Jezioro (POL), Julian Klukowski (POL), Wiktor Markowicz (USA), Victor Melman (USA), Jerzy Zaremba (POL), Shalom Zeligman (ISR)  
2. United States Finkel
Lew Finkel, Gaylor Kasle, John Mohan, John Sutherlin  (USA)
3. Netherlands Netherlands 1
Willem Boegem, Nico Doremans, Onno Janssens, Nico Klaver, Roald Ramer, Jaap Trouwborst  (Netherlands)
2010 [9][10]

Philadelphia, USA

34 teams

1. England United States Hackett
Paul Hackett (ENG), Gunnar Hallberg (ENG), Garey Hayden (USA), John Holland (ENG), Reese Milner (USA)
2. Poland United States Netherlands Israel Team Markowicz
Julian Klukowski (POL), Wictor Markowicz (POL), Victor Melman (USA), Roald Ramer (NED), Jerzy Russyan (POL), Shalom Zeligman (ISR)
3. Indonesia Gabrial UI
Michael Bambang Hartono, Henky Lasut, Eddy Manoppo, Denny Sacul, Munawar Sawiruddin  (Indonesia)
2014 [11]

Sanya, China


1. United States France Poland Milner
Reese Milner (captain), Hemant Lall (USA); Michel Bessis, Philippe Cronier (France); Apolinary Kowalski, Jacek Romański (Poland)
2. United States Sternberg
James Marsh Sternberg (captain), Neil Chambers, Billy Eisenberg, Arnold Fisher, Fred Hamilton, John Schermer  (USA)
3. England France Hackett — Paul Hackett (captain), John Holland, John Sansom (England), Christian Mari (France)
United States Canada Lewis — Paul Lewis (captain), Ross Grabel, Mark Itabashi, Linda Lewis (USA); Jurek Czyzowicz, Dan Jacob (Canada)


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