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World Sindhi Congress
Founded 1988
Type Non-profit
  • Canada, US, and UK
Services human rights education and advocacy

World Sindhi Congress (abbreviated WSC, Sindhi: ورلڊ سنڌي ڪانگريس) is a human rights education and advocacy organizations for Sindh. WSC is a registered company in England and Wales and in the US, organized to carry out non-profit activities. The main objective of WSC is to establish an infrastructure to teach and disseminate educational material to the public, including material relating to culture and literature of Sindhi people.[1]


WSC puts on different types of events throughout the year, including cultural events, rallies, and conferences.

WSC yearly celebrates the birthday of the late Saeen GM Syed, a prominent figure of the Sindhi Rights Movement in Sindh. [2]

They also put on many other cultural events, including Sindhi Topi and Arjak day. These cultural events bring together the Sindhi Diaspora and preserve the dress, music, and culture of Sindh. [3]

WSC attends many UN events, including conference and meetings, to bring international attention to Sindhi issues. [4]

They also host rallies and protests in the US, Canada, UK, and at the UN headquarters in Geneva to peacefully protest the human rights violations that Sindhis experience and rally international support for the Sindhi rights movement. [5]


  • United Kingdom Chapter
  • USA Chapter
  • Canada Chapter

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