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The World Sindhi Institute (WSI) is a human rights organization and U.S based think-tank in Washington DC, United States.[1] The organization is a certified 501(c), non-profit. The organization's main purpose is to bring the attention of the international community's attention to the present-day political situation in Sindh, Pakistan's southeastern province.[2][3]


The WSI is a relatively new organization founded on March 14, 1997. It was established by members of the Sindhi diaspora and continues to hire new contributors, members and volunteers through donations.

Political goals[edit]

The WSI favors genuine federalism and provincial autonomy based on the original covenant between the provinces of Pakistan, namely the Muslim League Lahore Resolution of 1940, which was the basis for the establishment for the state of Pakistan. This resolution envisaged full provincial autonomy for each of the federating units allowing the center to have control of currency, foreign affairs and defence related communication. Over the last 60 years since Pakistan achieved independence from British Rule, there has been a steady decline in the autonomy of the provinces with a corresponding increase in the powers of the central government; resistance to a strong center and promotion of Sindh's legitimate rights of self governance, linguistic and cultural rights has been the hallmark of the WSI's goals.

A report was published in Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization about the plight of minorities in Sindh.[4]

Key people[edit]

Mr.Munawar Laghari is the Executive director of (WSI), he is a Civil Engineer from the Mehran University of Engineering and Technology. Laghari was persecution by the Security forces and then he sought asylum in the United States.[5]


WSI is the member of Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization.[6]

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