World Socialist Party (New Zealand)

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World Socialist Party
Leader none/membership conference
First Secretary Rolfe R. Everson[1]
Founded 1930 (1930)
Headquarters PO Box 1929 Auckland 1140 New Zealand
Newspaper Socialist Review (1934), Socialist Comment (24 issues 1944-48),[2] Socialist Viewpoint (1971-1982)
Ideology Socialism, Marxism
International affiliation World Socialist Movement

The World Socialist Party of New Zealand is a political party in New Zealand. It is revolutionary and anti-Leninist. It was founded in 1930 as the Socialist Party of New Zealand.

It is affiliated with the Socialist Party of Great Britain and the World Socialist Movement.

In the 1940s it co-operated on Socialist Comment.[2] In 1971 it contested its first parliamentary election. In 1975 it put up seven candidates.[1]

The party last ran a candidate in the 1996 election, gaining a total of 27 votes.[3]


World Socialist Party of New Zealand run Radio Imagine 88.3 FM out of Manurewa, Auckland, which is the only English-speaking socialist radio station in the world. This has been broadcasting for a number of years since at least 2001.[4]


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