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The World Tenpin Masters (founded in 1998) is an annual Ten-pin bowling tournament. It consists of a single lane surrounded by banked seating on both sides to give the event the kind of high-pressure atmosphere that makes the Masters the world’s leading televised bowling tournament.

The event is televised by Matchroom Sport Television and will be subsequently broadcast as 15 x 1 hour programmes both at home on Sky Sports and around the world.


It is second to and starts where the Weber Cup left off. It features 16 of the world’s best bowlers, representing twelve different countries, going head-to-head in a straight knockout format. Each match is played over two games with the bowler with the highest aggregate (highest total pinfall) over the two games determining the winner and proceeding. It stands next to the Weber Cup and AMF World Cup as one of the world’s largest annual international sports Ten-pin bowling championships in terms of number of participating nations. In 2009 19-year-old Matt Chamberlain of England became the youngest ever qualifier of the event after winning the PTBC 2008 Tournament.

All tournament officials are supplied by the British Tenpin Bowling Association. [1] [2]

2008 Tournament[edit]

The 2008 World Tenpin Masters was held at the Barnsley Metrodome from April 18 to April 20 and featured 16 of the top male and female bowlers from around the world.

Tournament Format[edit]

Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
18 April, 7pm            
 Australia Jason Belmonte  406
19 April, 9pm
 England James Tidd  469  
 England James Tidd  428
18 April, 8pm
   South Africa Guy Caminsky  449  
 Netherlands Ghislaine van der Tol  370
20 April, 6pm
 South Africa Guy Caminsky  444  
 South Africa Guy Caminsky  507
18 April, 9pm
   England Paul Moor  480  
 England Paul Moor  453
20 April, 1pm
 Malaysia Alex Liew  401  
 England Paul Moor  516
19 April, 2pm
   England Dominic Barrett  473  
 England Dominic Barrett  492
20 April, 8pm
 Philippines Biboy Rivera  458  
 South Africa Guy Caminsky  526
19 April, 3pm
   United States Chris Barnes  517
 Canada Michael Schmidt  461
20 April, 2pm
 Finland Osku Palermaa  516  
 Finland Osku Palermaa  467
19 April, 4pm
   England Stuart Williams  445  
 England Stuart Williams  398
20 April, 7pm
 United States Diandra Asbaty  393  
 Finland Osku Palermaa  462
19 April, 7pm
   United States Chris Barnes  521  
 England Kirsten Penny  504
20 April, 3pm
 Indonesia Ryan Lalisang  480  
 England Kirsten Penny  546

19 April, 8pm
   United States Chris Barnes  569  
 Israel Or Aviram  405
 United States Chris Barnes  449  

Prize Fund[edit]

  • Winner US$30,000
  • Runner–Up US$10,000
  • Losing Semi-Finalists US$5,000
  • Losing Quarter Finalists US$2,000
  • First Round Losers US$1,500
  • TOTAL US$70,000

Past Tournaments[edit]

Previous Finals

Year Location Winner Score Runner-up
1998 Adwick Leisure Centre, Doncaster Norway Tore Torgersen 432 - 395 Sweden Tomas Leandersson
1999 Milton Keynes Shopping Centre Philippines Paeng Nepomuceno 422 - 402 England Steve Thornton
2000 United States Tim Mack 438 - 436 Norway Tore Torgersen
2001 Goresbrook Leisure Centre, Dagenham Malaysia Shalin Zulkifli 455 - 450
2002 Norway Tore Torgersen 465 - 449 United States Tim Mack
2003 England Nikki Harvey 431 - 402 Australia Andrew Frawley
2004 Norway Tore Torgersen 436 - 415 Sweden Tomas Leandersson
2005 Adwick Leisure Centre, Doncaster Germany Jens Nickel 485 - 389 England Paul Moor
2006 Barnsley Metrodome United States Chris Barnes 458 - 437
2007 Australia Jason Belmonte 566 - 524
2008 South Africa Guy Caminsky 526 - 517 United States Chris Barnes
2009 England Dominic Barrett 503 – 424 Australia Jason Belmonte

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