World Trade Center (Brussels)

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World Trade Center of Brussels
WTC 1 and 2 seen from Albert II Boulevard
General information
LocationBrussels, Belgium
Coordinates50°51′40″N 4°21′25″E / 50.86111°N 4.35694°E / 50.86111; 4.35694Coordinates: 50°51′40″N 4°21′25″E / 50.86111°N 4.35694°E / 50.86111; 4.35694
  • 1972 (WTC 1)
  • 1976 (WTC 2)
  • 1983 (WTC 3)[1]
Roof102 metres (335 ft) (WTC 1 and 2)
105 metres (344 ft) (WTC 3)
Technical details
Floor count28 (all 3)[1]

The World Trade Center of Brussels, Belgium is a complex of skyscrapers at the corner of Albert II Boulevard and Simon Bolivar Boulevard in the Northern Quarter central business district of Brussels. Its three towers are among the tallest buildings in Belgium.

The complex was originally planned to have eight towers, all around the corner of Albert II Boulevard and Simon Bolivar Boulevard. The two of these at the southeast corner of the intersection became the Proximus Towers and the two at the northeast the North Galaxy Towers.[1] Of the remaining four, two were built in the 1970s, one was built across the street in the 1980s, and the fourth was never built.[1]

In response to the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, hundreds of Belgians formed a hand-in-hand human chain around the Trade Center in tribute.