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World Trivia Night is North America's largest live trivia contest, held annually in Ottawa, Ontario since 1993. (In this sense, "live" means people answering the same questions, read live in the same forum, as opposed to radio contests.) Originally organized by the Kiwanis Club of Orleans (Ottawa), the event is now organized by the Children's Aid Foundation of Ottawa, which uses it to fund educational and other programs for children in the care of the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa. Between 2000 and 2500 people play in teams of up to 10 people. The event was formerly held at the Aberdeen Pavilion before moving to the EY Centre in 2012. The questions are prepared by Paul Paquet of and the Ottawa Trivia League. Many political and media luminaries attend. Former mayor Jacquelin Holzman once served as a judge, and in 2003, Ken Jennings read the first question via videotape. (By tradition, the first answer is always Pierre Trudeau, as a tip of the hat to the long-running radio trivia contest in Stevens Point, WI, which always begins with a question about Robert Redford.) Since 2006, the winners have been awarded the Trong Nguyen Memorial Trophy, named after a member of who died earlier that year. In recent years, $10,000 in prize money has been divided among the three top-scoring "champion" teams who raised at least $1,000 for the charity.

World Trivia Night 2016 will once again be held at the EY Centre on Friday, November 18, 2016. Registration (opens early Sept) and other information can be found at

Winning teams[edit]

  • 1995: The Data Banks
  • 1996: The Bank Dicks
  • 1997: Puzzles
  • 1998: The Viagrins (later renamed the Smarts)
  • 1999: Puzzles
  • 2000: Random Access Memory
  • 2001: La Triviata
  • 2002: La Triviata
  • 2003: Me and Nine Idiots (after a scoring adjustment, La Triviata shared the title)
  • 2004:
  • 2005: Shocked and Appalled
  • 2006: Fran Mahovlich
  • 2007: Shocked and Appalled
  • 2008: La Triviata
  • 2009: I Lost on Jeopardy
  • 2010:
  • 2011: Nerd Alert
  • 2012: Sticky Buns
  • 2013: La Triviata
  • 2014: Nerd Alert (although Mizar Flying Pintos was the top "champion" team)
  • 2015: La Triviata

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