World Warped III Live

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World Warped III Live
Compilation album by SideOneDummy Records
Genre Punk rock, alternative rock
Length 1:13:53
Label SideOneDummy
Official Warped Tour compilation chronology
A Compilation of Warped Music II
World Warped III Live
Warped Tour 2001 Tour Compilation
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars[1]

World Warped III Live is the fifth installment in the compilation series accompanying the Warped Tour. It includes 25 tracks from artists in the 2000 tour lineup. All of the tracks are live recordings.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "Barroom Hero" (live at The Point in Atlanta, March 24, 1999) Mike McColgan, Ken Casey, Rick Barton, Matt Kelly Dropkick Murphys 2:42
2. "Lonesome" (live in Melbourne) Scott Russo, Steve Morris, Rob Brewer, Wade Youman Unwritten Law 4:23
3. "Straight from the Jacket" (live in Seattle, April 2000) Tony Sly No Use for a Name 2:12
4. "Liquor Store" (live at the Cat's Cradle in Carrboro, North Carolina, October 8, 1997) Less Than Jake Less Than Jake 3:13
5. "Sooner or Later" (live in Los Angeles, April 29, 2000) Kevin Seconds 7 Seconds 1:16
6. "I'll Drink to That" (from Live from the Middle East) Dicky Barrett, Joe Gittleman The Mighty Mighty Bosstones 3:14
7. "Please Play This Song on the Radio" (live in Köln, 1994) Fat Mike NOFX 2:26
8. "My Own Life" (live in 2000) Long Beach Dub Allstars Long Beach Dub Allstars 2:50
9. "Better Sense" (from Live at the Hardback)   Hot Water Music 2:52
10. "Custer's Last 1 Nite Stand" (live at UBC Arts County Fair, April 6, 2000) Theo Goutzinakis Gob 1:46
11. "Rules" (live at Tokyo Blitz Hall, April 25, 2000) Fletcher Dragge, Jason Thirsk, Jim Lindberg Pennywise 1:35
12. "Baby's Out on Bail" (live at The Providence Payback, January 2000) Amazing Crowns Amazing Crowns 3:06
13. "Tomorrow's Another Day" (from At the Show) Mike Herrera MxPx 3:12
14. "No Big Thing" (live in Los Angeles) Jeremy Popoff, Lit Lit 3:40
15. "Walkin' Like Brando" (live at the Hootenanny in Los Angeles, 1999) J. Planco, Eddie Nichols, Daniel Glass Royal Crown Revue 3:29
16. "Cowboy Song" (live at the Roxy in Los Angeles) Phil Lynot Supersuckers 4:41
17. "Dead Cell" (live at The Crest Theatre, January 14, 2000) Papa Roach Papa Roach 3:15
18. "Faster Than the World" (live at the Continental Divide in New York City, December 29, 1999) H2O H2O 2:11
19. "Dammit" (live in Los Angeles, 1997) Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, Scott Raynor Blink-182 2:43
20. "G-Term Nation" (live at Volcom, 1999)   The Line 3:01
21. "Every Dog Has Its Day" (live in San Jose, California, April 2000) Flogging Molly, Dave King Flogging Molly 4:47
22. "All Your Friends" (live in Tokyo, 2000) One Man Army One Man Army 3:15
23. "Throwin' It Away" (from Drop Dead Live) Lunachicks Lunachicks 2:21
24. "Hear It" (live in Europe, 2000) Greg Graffin Bad Religion 2:02
25. "New Kind of Army" Justin Sane Anti-Flag 3:41