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For the 1996 song "World of Good" by The Saw Doctors, see Same Oul' Town.

World of Good Inc. is a U.S.-based importer and reseller that brings handcrafted products from cooperatives, NGOs and nonprofits in developing countries to the US market with the aim of promoting fair trade. According to the company, World of Good donates 10% of its profits towards its sister fair trade organization World of Good: Development organization, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that attempts to build a stronger fair trade crafts movement in the United States.

In its first full year of business, World of Good sold over 100,000 handmade items crafted by 133 artisan groups in 31 countries directly benefiting the lives of over 2,500 artisans and their families.[citation needed]

World of Good has helped build a school in Guatemala, created employment for the disabled in Cambodia and for HIV positive women in Swaziland, promoted anti-child-labor activism in India, provided Tsunami relief in Sri Lanka and supported educational programs in Guatemala and Nepal.[citation needed]

In September 2008, eBay licensed the "World of Good" name and partnered with the company to develop an online fixed price store, The store allows customers to find out more about the seller of an item.[1] To distinguish the products World of Good inc. actually imports it re-branded its product line as "Original Good".[2]


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