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World Version W5
IndustryKickboxing promotion
FoundedJuly 2007 (2007-07)
FounderSergey Chepinoga
Key people
Sergey Chepinoga, President W5, matchmaker

World version W5 (W5 professional kickboxing) is a sports promotion of Russian origin with headquarters in Bratislava, Slovakia, and Moscow, Russia. They also have representatives in Prague (Czech Republic), Almere (Netherlands), Serbia and Croatia. W5 holds professional kickboxing events across Russia and Europe with future events planned for North and South America.

W5 was established in 2007, when Sergey Chepinoga organized the very first event in Budva, Montenegro at a football stadium. The event was an immediate success and thus began W5 in the world of kickboxing. To date W5 has promoted more than 40 kickboxing events in locations like Prague (the Czech Republic), Vienna (Austria), Bratislava, Prievidza, Zvolen (Slovakia), Zagreb and Dubrovnik (Croatia), Ingolstadt (Germany), Budva (Montenegro), Minsk (Belarus), Moscow, Ryazan, Oryol, Kalyazin and many other Russian cities.


# Event Date Venue Location Details
42 W5 & Rebuy Stars: Fortune Favors the Brave November 11, 2017 Rebuy Stars Kosice Kosice, Slovakia Daniel Gallardo def. Andrej Kedves for the W5 European Welterweight Title and Ondrej Hutnik def Miran Fabjan for the W5 European Light heavyweight title.
41 W5 "Legends Collide"

Miran Fabjan vs Dzevad Poturak

September 16, 2017 Arena Bonifika Koper, Slovenia Vlad Tuinov def. Rhassan Muhareb to retain 71kg W5 European Title.

Miran Fabjan def. Dzevad Poturak by Unanimous Decision

40 W5 "The Undefeated-Night of Gladiators II": Massaro Glunder Vs. Vlad Tuinov April 8, 2017 Sportska Dvorana Dubrovnik, Croatia Vladislav Tuinov def. Massaro "The Project" Glunder by UD. Vlad retained his European belt, in 71kg and adds the vacant W5 Intercontinental belt, in 72.5kg.
39 W5 Grand Prix "KITEK" 2017: Artem Pashporin Vs. Giorgio Petrosyan [1] [2][3] February 18, 2017 Dynamo Krylatskoe sports palace Moscow, Russia Giorgio "Doctor" Petrosyan def. Artem "The Spur" Pashporin in the main event of the night and seized W5 World championship belt in up to 71 kg division
38 W5 Moscow “Choose the way of a champion” October 21, 2016 Krylya Sovetov boxing hall Moscow, Russia Stanislav Kazantsev def. Warren Stevelmans via UD in the main event of the night
37 W5 “Legends in Prague” October 8, 2016 O2 Arena (Prague) Prague, The Czech Republic
36 W5 European League “Fortune favours the brave” September 10, 2016 Rebuy Stars Hall Zvolen, Slovakia
35 W5 European league “Fortune favours the brave” ХXXV[4][5][6][7] June 18, 2016 Rebuy Stars Hall Prievidza, Slovakia
34 W5 European league “Fortune favours the brave” XXXIV[8][9][10][11][12][13] June 4, 2016 Rebuy Stars Hall Zagreb, Croatia Agron Preteni of Croatia won W5 European title in up to 85 kg division by defeating Bogdan Năstase of Romania which replaced injured Miran Fabjan [14]
33 It’s W5 time Vienna “Never give up” XXXIII[15] May 21, 2016 Hallmann Dome Vienna, Austria Massaro Glunder defended his title of the W5 European Champion in up to 72,5 division in rematch against Foad Sadeghi
32 W5 Grand Prix KITEK XXXII April 23, 2016 Krylya Sovetov Boxing Hall Moscow, Russia Alexander Stetsurenko won W5 world title in up to 81 kg division by defeating Errol Konning (TKO, third round of five)
31 W5 Grand Prix Vienna Winners' Energy XXXI [16][17][18] December 5, 2015 Admiral Dome Vienna, Austria Artyom Pashporin of Russia won W5 world title in up to 71 kg division by defeating Cosmo Alexandre of Brazil and Chris Ngimbi of Congo
30 W5 Grand Prix Moscow Be the best XXX [19][20][21][22][23][24][25][26] August 30, 2015 USH «Druzhba», Luzhniki Moscow, Russia
29 W5 Grand Prix KITEK XXIX [27][28][29][30][31] April 24, 2015 Boxing Academy Hall, Luzhniki, Moscow Moscow, Russia
27-28 W5 Crossroad of times XXXVII - XXVIII [32][33][34][35][36] November 29-30, 2014 Incheba Expo Arena Bratislava, Slovakia Cosmo Alexandre won W5 world title in up to 71 kg division by defeating Dzhabar Askerov.
26 W5 Grand Prix Rematch XXVI[37][38][39][40] October 11, 2014 Stadium «Dynamo», Krylatskoe Moscow, Russia
25 W5 Grand Prix Open Air XXV June 21, 2014 Piestany, Slovakia
24 W5 Grand Prix Oryol XXIV March 1, 2014 Green Center Oryol, Russia
23 W5 Grand Prix Moscow XXIII [41] December 22, 2013 Moscow, Russia
22 W5 Grand Prix Oryol XXII [42] November 16, 2013 Oryol, Russia
21 W5 Grand Prix Orel XXI April 24, 2013 Green Center Oryol, Russia
20 W5 Fighter Bratislava XX March 16, 2013 Incheba Expo Arena Bratislava, Slovakia
19 W5 Fighter Moscow XIX March 1, 2013 Milk Arena Moscow, Russia
18 W5 Fighter Moscow XVIII [43] December 23, 2012 Milk Arena Moscow, Russia
17 W5 Fighter Moscow XVII November 29, 2012 Milk Arena Moscow, Russia
16 W5 Fighter Moscow XVI November 8, 2012 Milk Arena Moscow, Russia
15 W5 Fighter Moscow XV [44] October 11, 2012 Milk Arena Moscow, Russia
14 W5 Fighter Moscow XIV September 20, 2012 Milk Arena Moscow, Russia
13 W5 Fighter Moscow XIII [45] August 24, 2012 Milk Arena Moscow, Russia
12 W5 Fighter Moscow XII April 19, 2012 Milk Arena Moscow, Russia
11 W5 Fighter Moscow XI March 30, 2012 Milk Arena Moscow, Russia
10 W5 Fighter Moscow X February 24, 2012 Milk Arena Moscow, Russia
9 W5 Grand Prix К. О. IX 2011 Moscow, Russia
8 W5 League VIII October 22, 2011 Volgograd, Russia
7 W5 League VII April 9, 2011 Rostov, Russia
6 W5 League VI February 12, 2011 Moscow, Russia
5 W5 league V September 25, 2010 Moscow, Russia
4 Championship of the five continents: Grand Prix Ryazan IV October 31, 2009 Ryazan, Russia
3 Championship of the five continents: Grand Prix Ryazan III November 29, 2008 Ryazan, Russia
2 Battle on the Volga-2008 II May 30, 2008 Kalyazin, Russia
1 W5 Grand Prix Best vs Best I February 23, 2008 Moscow, Russia
W5 Grand Prix “Shoulder to shoulder” (“Rame uz Rame”) January 1, 2008 Rented football stadium Budva, Montenegro The first tournament in the history of W5. Was conducted before the official W5 brand registration.

W5 History[edit]

W5 background and the first tournament[edit]

July 5, 2007 at the rented football stadium located directly on the shores of Budva, Montenegro, W5 held its very first kickboxing event called "Rame uz rame" (Serb.) (Eng. "Shoulder to shoulder"). The tournament was attended by about 5,000 spectators. The main theme of the event was "Russia Vs. Balkan countries".

Formally the tournament in Budva was held before the official registration of W5. However, this tournament is considered as World Version W5's first ever event.

W5 structure[edit]

After its inaugural tournament in Budva, Sergey Chepinoga decided become independent and organize all tournaments without involving third-party promotional companies. This is why the W5 promotion company "Shoulder to Shoulder" (in Russian "Plechom k Plechu") was established and for some period carried out all the matchmaking for W5 events. As of 2016 W5 and Shoulder to Shoulder split into two separate entities with W5 organizing all the events and matchmaking outside of Russia, while Shoulder to Shoulder organizes the yearly W5 KITEK event in honor of Yuri Stupenkov in Moscow, Russia.

Sergey Chepinoga is the president of W5 and matchmaker for all W5 events. He and his team handle all aspects of all W5 projects while continuously developing W5's global strategy.

Early tournaments[edit]

The first W5 tournaments were held under K-1 rules with some additional rules from "Bars," which are based on the Russian army combat system being implemented. Over the years, W5 has developed its own rules, which are now used at all W5 events.

World version W5 in 2016[edit]

In 2016 World version W5 will put on seven professional kickboxing tournaments, four of which will be conducted as a special series called "W5 European league". A significant part of all the events scheduled in Europe. There was one event conducted in Russia on April 23 called W5 Grand Prix KITEK during which the famous Russian athlete Alexander Stetsurenko won the W5 world championship belt in the weight category up to 81 kg, he defeated the longtime principal opponent Errol Koning of the Netherlands by KO. On the same night Stetsurenko gifted his championship belt to a boy with restricted abilities who approached him for an autograph and said that he also wants to be a champion.

W5's 2017 Summer Boot Camp[edit]

From August 4-14 W5 held its first ever Summer Boot Camp in Novi Sad, Serbia. The event brought together some of the world's top trainers and fighters. The trainers who led the camp were Nathan "Carnage" Corbett, Mike Van Itterzon, Andrey Chadin and Misa Baculov. The fighters who trained alongside guests were Darryl "K.O. Specialist" Sichtman, Vlad "Diamond" Tuinov, Andrej "AK-47" Kedves, Vladimir Idranyi, Miran "Slovenian Rocky" Fabjan, and Cosmo "Good Boy" Alexandre. The event included 3 trainings per day and was open to professional kickboxers, amateur kickboxers and people who just want a hard core workout. As an added benefit for fighters who attended the camp there were sparring sessions, and based on the results, one professional fighter was guaranteed a contract to fight in a future W5 tournament. The fighter who received the guaranteed contract was Markus Ehrenhofer from Vienna, Austria. This is expected to be a highly anticipated annual event held by W5.

World version W5 in 2017[edit]

2017 expects to see a lot of action from W5 as they once again put on high quality shows and top-notch matchmaking. Already the year has seen two tournaments take place. In February W5 held its annual W5 KITEK event in Moscow, Russia. The event was highly received with Vlad Tuinov once again showing he is the man to beat at 72.5kg with his brutal KO of Ali Cakir. The highlight of the night saw legendary fighter Giorgio Petrosyan defeat Artem Pashporin by unanimous decision to win W5's World Championship Title at 71kg. On April 8th W5 held their second event of the year in Dubrovnik, Croatia. It was a smaller event than usual for W5 with only 6 fights on the card, however the highlight of the night was Milan "Minci" Pales KO of Luka Tomic and Vlad "Diamond" Tuinov's defeat of Massaro Glunder in the main event to add W5's 72.5kg Intercontinental title to his 71kg W5 European title. With 2017 not yet over W5 plans on holding four more events. There was also a Summer Boot Camp held from August 4-14 in Novi Sad, Serbia, where W5 organized some of the top trainers and fighters to come take part. In addition all fighters who attended took part in sparring with the chance for one fighter to sign a contract to fight in a future W5 tournament. Also on the card for 2017 are the events in Koper, Slovenia on September 16th, November 11th in Kosice, Slovakia, and the final tournament of the year on December 22nd, in Split, Croatia.

On September 16th at W5's "Legends Collide, in Koper, Slovenia, all eyes were on Andrej "AK-47" Kedves as he fought for his 6th straight victory at W5 events. With his victory he will finally get his title fight in Kosice, Slovakia on November 11th. Also, of note was Vlad's dominant performance over the tough-as-nails Rhassan Muhareb with a 4th Rd. KO by liver punch. Vlad successfully defended is 71kg W5 European Title. In the final bout, Slovenian legend, Miran "Slovenian Rocky" Fabjan defeated Bosina and Herzegovinian legend Dzevad "BH Machine" Poturk by unanimous decision. Miran dominated the three rounds making the decision quite easy.

For the rest of the year, W5 has one more events planned. November 11th will reunite W5 and Rebuy Stars for a continuation of their hit series "Fortune Favors the Brave". The event will be the official grand opening of Rebuy Stars newest casino in Kosice, Slovakia. Andrej "AK-47" Kedves is expected to have his shot at a title on this date. Ondrej Hutnik, Miran Fabjan, and Vladimir Idranyi are all expected to be on the card.

World Version W5 in 2018[edit]

W5 has already started working on their plans for 2018. They are expected to hold up to 12 tournaments next year, which will be the most in their 10 year history. Plans include a fight early on in the Netherlands, with later fights being held in the United States, Russia, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia.

Competition rules of the W5[edit]


W5 Fighter Series[edit]

Over the years W5 has taken the best rules from different sports and created their own set of rules. W5 rules are to be followed under the banner of "Championship of Five Continents." The main principle behind W5's rules is to create a transparent guideline to how fighter's are selected. In order to determine the strongest athletes, fighters must go through a series of W5 fights throughout the year. If their performance is deemed high enough a fighter has the chance to fight for a W5 world title in the final tournament.

Since 2014 many tournaments have been called "W5 Grand Prix" which also includes name of the city where the event was organized in and the slogan which the tournament is held under (e.g W5 Grand Prix Vienna Winner's Energy).


Regular fights are three rounds of three minutes each. If the score is tied at the end of the third round the supervising judge may award an extra round to determine the winner. If an extra round is awarded the scores of the previous three rounds are voided and only the result of the fourth round will be considered. Title fights, which include W5 World Champion, W5 Intercontinental Champion, and W5 European Champion are five rounds.

The break between rounds is one minute.

Scoring system[edit]

W5 uses the standard 10 point scoring system. There are three judges that score each bout. A superviser oversees the judging and makes all final decisions where one is deemed necessary. Round winner gets 10 points, the loser gets nine points or less. A tie for each round is possible.

The main rules[edit]

  • NO twisting and/or throwing
  • NO clinching longer than one second
  • "Backfisting" is allowed
  • One punch can be thrown after grabbing/catching an opponents leg
  • Kneeing is allowed
    • One knee is allowed during a clinch
  • Three knockdown rule is in effect
  • NO hitting below the belt
  • NO hitting in the back of the head or spine
  • NO elbows
  • NO kidney punches

Weight categories[edit]


Super heavyweight : above 235 lb (above 106.8 kg)

Heavyweight : 215.1 - 235 lb (97.8 - 106.8 kg)

Light heavyweight : 195.1 - 215 lb (88.7 - 97.7 kg)

Super cruiserweight : 186.1 - 195 lb (84.6 - 88.6 kg)

Cruiserweight : 179.1 - 186 lb (81.5 - 84.5 kg)

Light cruiserweight : 172.1 - 179 lb (78.3 - 81.4 kg)

Super middleweight : 165.1 - 172 lb (75.1 - 78.2 kg)

Middleweight : 159.1 - 165 lb (72.4 - 75 kg)

Light middleweight : 153.1 - 159 lb (69.6 - 72.3 kg)

Super welterweight : 147.1 - 153 lb (66.9 - 69.5 kg)

Welterweight : 142.1 - 147 lb (64.59 - 66.8 kg)

Light welterweight : 137.1 - 142 lb (62.31 - 64.54 kg)

Super lightweight : 132.1 - 137 lb (60.04 - 62.27 kg)

Lightweight : 127.1 - 132 lb (57.77 - 60 kg)

Female weight categories 54, 57, and 65 kg.


The W5 ring is designed in a symbolic way. Visually it consists of a 5x5 square that sits inside a circle, where the circle represents infinity and a path of continuous self-development while the square symbolizes equality and justice. Such symbolism is intended to be memorable for the fighters and spectators who identify with W5's values.

Gloves and Protective Equipment[edit]

During the bout and depending on the weight class fighters must use eight- or ten-ounce gloves and mandatory protective gear such as mouth guard and protective bandage for groin.

Current Champions[edit]

Notable participants[edit]

Current & Past Champions of World Version W5 (* next to a name indicates past champion)[edit]


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