Worlds Apart (The Go-Betweens EP)

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Worlds Apart
EP by The Go-Betweens
Released 7 November 2005
Recorded 2005
Studio Good Luck Studios, London
Length 3:35
Label LO-MAX
Producer Mark Wallis, Dave Ruffy
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Peel Sessions
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Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart is a 7" vinyl EP by Australian indie group The Go-Betweens, released on 7 November 2005 on LO-MAX Records in the UK only.[1] It contains a collaboration with Sushil K. Dade alternately known as Future Pilot A.K.A., "The City of Lights", which was included on his 2006 album, Secrets of the Clockhouse. "The City of Lights" was recorded in Glasgow, 2005, with Dade producing. "Finding You", "Ashes on the Lawn" and "Crystal Shacks" were recorded during the Oceans Apart sessions, at the Good Luck Studios in London between November 2004 and January 2005. "Sleeping Giant" however was recorded in Brisbane in 2004.

"Sleeping Giant", according to Robert Forster, was one of the songs which failed to make it on to their album, The Friends of Rachel Worth, in 2000. Because he wrote the song in 1998 about his son, Louis, Forster later jokingly said "I've now retitled it 'An Old Song That I Wrote about My Son.'" "He's four now. It was just after he was born... I like the song... I'm scared of turning into Graham Nash, you know, the sort of person who writes about their children. It's a scary area. But I think its done quite well."[2] Similarly "Ashes on the Lawn" was intended to be included on the band's eighth studio album, Bright Yellow Bright Orange, but also failed to make the cut. Pickvance describes it as being "quite a suprise [sic] as a Go-Betweens song. It was a Go-Betweens song because you can hear it's Robert and Grant singing. But music-wise it was a bit of a shock... the way it was structured, or recorded, it was really a stadium-rock song."[2]

Track listing[edit]

7" Vinyl release[edit]

All tracks written by R. Forster, G. McLennan[3] except where noted..

1."Finding You" (single version)3:35
2."The City of Lights" (vs. Future Pilot A.K.A)1:58
3."Sleeping Giant"5:25

Digital download[edit]

All tracks written by R. Forster, G. McLennan[3] except where noted..

1."Finding You" (single version)3:55
2."Ashes on the Lawn"3:26
3."The City of Lights" (vs. Future Pilot A.K.A)1:58
4."Crystal Shacks"3:11



  • Robert Forster – vocals, guitar, piano, melodica
  • Grant McLennan – vocals, guitar
  • Adele Pickvance – bass, keyboards, backing vocals ("Finding You", "Sleeping Giant")
  • Glenn Thompson – drums, keyboards, guitar, backing vocals ("Finding You", "Sleeping Giant")
Additional musicians
  • Dave Ruffy – keyboards, percussion ("Finding You")


  • Recording, mixing – Colin McGeoh, Ronan Breslin ("City of Light")
  • Producer – Dave Ruffy ("Finding You")
  • Producer – Mark Wallis ("Finding You")
  • Producer – The Go-Betweens ("Sleeping Giant")
  • Producer – Sushil K. Dade ("City of Light")


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