Worlds Away (John Norum album)

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Worlds Away
John Norum Worlds Away.jpg
Studio album by
RecordedCherokee Studios, Hollywood, California, USA
GenreHard rock
LabelMascot (Europe)
Shrapnel (USA)
Zero Corporation (Japan)
Toshiba / EMI (Japan)
ProducerJeff Glixman
John Norum chronology
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Worlds Away
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Worlds Away is the fourth solo album by John Norum, the guitarist of the Swedish hard rock band Europe. It was released in 1996. This album features the only cover from John's solo releases that does not feature the guitarist himself.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Manic Distortion" (John Norum, Kelly Keeling, Michelle Meldrum) – 3:18
  2. "Make a Move" (J. Norum, K. Keeling, Alan Lorber) – 4:15
  3. "C.Y.R." (J. Norum, K. Keeling, Simon Wright) – 4:42
  4. "Where the Grass Is Green" (J. Norum, K. Keeling) – 3:46
  5. "Center of Balance" (J. Norum, K. Keeling, Peter Baltes, S. Wright) – 6:56
  6. "Dogs Are Barking" (J. Norum, K. Keeling, Billy White) – 3:28
  7. "Homeland (Peace of Mind)" (J. Norum, K. Keeling) – 4:52
  8. "Wasted Labor" (J. Norum, K. Keeling) – 5:42
  9. "Worlds Away" (J. Norum, K. Keeling) – 4:38
  10. "Endica (Revisited)" (J. Norum, P. Baltes, K. Keeling) – 3:58
  11. "From Outside In" (P. Baltes, J. Norum, K. Keeling) – 5:09


Album credits[edit]