Worldways Canada

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Worldways Canada
Douglas C-54B CF-KAD Worldways TOR 27.07.75 edited-2.jpg
Douglas DC-4 of Worldways at Toronto Airport in 1975
Commenced operations 1973
Ceased operations 11 October 1990
Key people Roy Moore
Super DC-8-63 at London Gatwick Airport

Worldways Canada was a Canadian charter airline that started in operations in 1973, ceased its operations on 11 October 1990 and went out of business in 1991.[1]

Operations and fleet[edit]

Their fleet initially consisted of Douglas DC-4 prop aircraft. Worldways Canada then added jet airliners including the Boeing 707, the Boeing 727, the stretched Douglas DC-8-63 (Super DC-8) and the wide body Lockheed L-1011-385-1TriStar.[2][3] The airline also operated Convair 640 turboprop aircraft.

It was created and run by Roy Moore.


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