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Worley Thorne is an American screenwriter, television writer, script consultant and college instructor of Critical Thinking and Composition, and Screenwriting. Thorne's work encompasses hourlong television drama, and feature film scripts, in a wide variety of genres, including science fiction, fantasy, detective and mystery, legal drama, soap opera, medical drama, animal fiction and family drama.

Early life[edit]

Thorne was born in New York City, New York, and raised in the Bronx, where he attended the Bronx High School of Science, a school for gifted students. He is a graduate of the City University of New York's City College, with a B.A. in English[citation needed], and in May 2011, received his M.A. with Honors in English Literature from California State University Northridge. He is currently teaching an Introduction to Literature and Critical Thinking and Composition courses at Los Angeles Valley College(see http://my.lavc.edu/profile/profile.aspx?name=thornerw&facultyname=Thorne,%20R%20W.)


Thorne's work includes scripts for Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Paper Chase, Fantasy Island, Dallas, Barnaby Jones, The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, Doctors' Private Lives and others. He adapted a screenplay in English, based on a French original, titled "Albert's Piano," for Italian producer Marcello Danon (best known for "La Cage Aux Folles.") Other feature film screenplays include "Swift, Silent Deadly" for Becker Productions and "Natural Affection," based on the play by William Inge, for Bassey Productions. His original screenplay "The Yankee," based in the American Revolution, is under option, in 2015, at Becker Productions.

Thorne is a past Governor of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the body which determines and gives out Emmy Awards. He is an active member of the Writers Guild of America, west, was chairman of several Guild committees and involved in aiding in organization and supervision of past strikes by the union. Thorne taught screenwriting at Columbia College Hollywood, Los Angeles, for four years,[1] and for several years was a publicist representing entertainment industry, corporate and political clients.


Paramount Pictures
Lorimar Television
  • Dallas
    • The Kristin Affair, October 19, 1979 (episode 3.5)
    • Runaway, October 28, 1978 (episode 2.7)
  • Fantasy Island:
    • The Pirate, September 23, 1979 (episode 2.2)
    • I Want to Get Married, October 21, 1978 (episode 2.5)
    • The Swinger, February 9, 1980 (episode 3.19)
    • Crescendo, December 20, 1980 (episode 4.8)
    • The Devil’s Triangle, May 2, 1981 (episode 4.21)
    • To Fly with Eagles, January 21, 1984 #144 (episode 7.12)
  • Charlie's Angels:
    • Game Set, Death, January 4, 1978 (episode 2.14)
  • Doctors' Private Lives:
    • Buddy System
  • Westside Medical:
    • The Sound of Sunlight (debut episode 1.1)
    • Executive Script Consultant for series
  • The Swiss Family Robinson:
    • The Captain, November 30, 1975 (episode 1.12)
  • Blade in Hong Kong, Movie, Becker Enterprises, Creative Consultant
  • The Paper Chase:
    • The Tables Down at Ernie’s, March 27, 1979 (episode 1.19)
    • Executive Script Consultant for series, Season 1
  • The Lazarus Syndrome
  • Cannon:
    • The Cure That Kills, February 20, 1974 (episode 3.21)
    • Moving Target January 13, 1973 (episode 2.17)
  • Barnaby Jones:
    • The Marathon Murders, February 17, 1977 (episode 5.16)
    • The Lonely Victims, January 8, 1976 (episode 4.16)
  • Apple's Way:
    • The Real Thanksgiving, November 24, 1974 (episode 2.10)
    • The Outing, January 5, 1975 (episode 2.14)
    • Executive Script Consultant for series, Season 2


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