Worms (2007 video game)

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Not to be confused with Worms (1995 video game).
For the 1983 game, see Worms?.
Worms XBLA art
Developer(s) Team17
Publisher(s) Xbox Live Arcade
Microsoft Game Studios
PlayStation Network
Sony Computer Entertainment[1]
Series Worms
Platform(s) Xbox Live Arcade
PlayStation Network[2]
iOS, Symbian[3]
Release date(s) Xbox Live Arcade
March 7, 2007
PlayStation Network
July 11, 2009
Genre(s) Artillery, Strategy
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer

Worms is an artillery strategy game developed by Team17. It is available on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and iOS platforms and is one of the many installments of the Worms series created by Team17. The game was known as Worms HD during development, but Microsoft renamed it to just Worms (possibly to avoid notions of HDTV being a requirement to play). The game has since taken on the moniker, Worms (2007). Its first official public demonstration was on the showroom floor of the 2007, Consumer Electronics Show. The game was released on Wednesday, March 7, 2007 on Xbox Live, March 26, 2009 on the PlayStation Store, and July 11, 2009 on iOS. The 2007 version of Worms is an enhanced port of Worms: Open Warfare, which itself is a remake of the original 1995 video game of the same name. The Xbox Live and PlayStation Network versions are not exactly identical and contain some differences in available weaponry.


Players control a small platoon of worms across a deformable landscape, battling computer or player controlled teams. The game features bright and humorous cartoon-style animation and a varied arsenal of weapons. Full voice communication is also available among the players of the game.

Single player[edit]

  • 3 simple tutorials to introduce the mechanics to those who’ve not played the game before
  • 20 increasingly difficult single player challenges (deathmatch against AI opponents)

There is Quick Start option (choice of Beginner, Intermediate or Pro, uses default schemes and teams). If the player wanted to play a custom singleplayer game, they have to select multiplayer and then create a local game with AI opponents.

The time it takes to complete a challenge is saved and the best times are displayed on a leaderboard.


The game features competitive multiplayer for up to four teams. It is compatible for both offline or online play via Xbox Live & PlayStation Network.

Downloadable content[edit]

On May 30, 2007, several new downloadable Worms packs were released. The "Space" landscape was issued for free, while two others, the "Hell" and "Jungle" landscapes, were released for purchase. A free set of 22 Worm voice banks were also released.

On July 4, 2007 more content was issued: a Music Pack was released for free; however, it was only more voice banks, and two more landscapes, "Desert" and "Manhattan", were released for purchase. Some Worms themes and gamerpics were released for purchase as well. The PSN version contains all of the DLC released from the XBLA version already in the game.


  • The visuals and audio are fantastic and continue to push the unique image Worms has long since established. Gameplay is decent; there is the issue with the camera, which happens way too frequently for my liking, and the occasional crash, but take those problems aside and it will live up to even the most critical Worms fanboy’s expectations. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a break from Killzone-esque games. - PS3Center.net, 7.6/10 [5]
  • The challenges can be tough, the multiplayer is fun and the ability to create a team and name its members is an awesome way to get you to care about your squad. Still, this is a lot like the game I played two years ago and suffers from the same, limited lifespan. - IGN, 7.9/10 [6]
  • There are few better multiplayer games in existence, and no better ones on Xbox Live Arcade. If your gaming habits ever include playing with others, online or off, Worms is utterly essential. - Yahoo! Games (no score awarded) [7]


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