Worms 4 (2015 video game)

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Title screen of Worms 4
Platform(s)iOS, Android
ReleaseSeptember 3, 2015

Worms 4 is a turn-based tactics game made by Team17 released for iOS and Android devices on September 3, 2015.[1] It is the fourth numbered entry in the Worms video game franchise.


In Worms 4, up to three teams of worms take turns maneuvering a 2D map using weapons and items in order to eliminate the opposing teams.[2] The game features a single-player campaign designed to gradually introduce game mechanics, and three multiplayer options consisting of a battle against the AI, hotseat, and online matchmaking.[3]


Aggregate score
Review scores
148Apps4/5 stars
TouchArcade4/5 stars[5]

Worms 4 received positive reviews. It has a score of 74/100 on Metacritic.[4]

148Apps' Jennifer Allen praised the single player campaign and daily challenges, but noted that the online multiplayer mode "is frustratingly quiet and there’s no sign of asynchronous multiplayer which would have combated such issues."[6] Gamezebo's Nadia Oxford notes that the game continues the old-fashioned combat from the series but also found issues with the online multiplayer, noting that "the server has a hard time finding other live opponents, and generally has connection issues even if you’re beside a strong Wi-Fi signal."[7]


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