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St Mary of the Angels' Church (Chicago, Illinois)

Worthmann & Steinbach was a Chicago-based architectural firm that was active from 1903 through 1928. It was a partnership between Henry W. Worthmann (1857–1946) and John G. Steinbach (b. 1878)[1]

The firm is best remembered for its design of large and elaborate churches in the Chicago area which were built for Roman Catholic, Eastern Catholic, and Lutheran clients.[2] Worthmann and Steinbach were also active outside of Chicago and eventually built for clients in Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin.



  1. ^ Steinbach was not related to Gustave E. Steinback, the well known church architect from New York City and Stamford CT.
  2. ^ Denis Robert McNamara, Heavenly City: The Architectural Tradition of Catholic Chicago (Chicago:Archdiocese of Chicago Liturgy Training Publications, 2005)