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This article is about A town in Kenya. For The Canadian band, see Walk off the Earth.

Wote is a town in Kenya. It is the capital of Makueni County in the former Eastern Province. It forms a town council with a population of 56,419, of whom 5,542 are classified urban (1999 census [1]).

Wote town has six wards: Kako, Kaumoni, Kikumini, Muvau, Nziu and Wote. Most of them are located in Makueni Constituency, but Kako ward belongs to Mbooni Constituency and Kaumoni ward to Kaiti Constituency .[2] Wote is also headquarters of Wote division of Makueni District.


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Coordinates: 1°47′S 37°38′E / 1.783°S 37.633°E / -1.783; 37.633