Wotruba Church

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Wotruba Church
LocationMauer District, Liesing, Vienna
DenominationCatholic Church
Architect(s)Fritz Wotruba, Fritz Gerhard Mayr

The Kirche Zur Heiligsten Dreifaltigkeit (English: Church of the Most Holy Trinity), better known as the Wotrubakirche or Wotruba Church, is a Catholic church located in Liesing, Vienna. It was built between August 1974 and October 1976, based on a design by Austrian sculptor Fritz Wotruba.[1]

The building of the church was initiated by Margarethe Ottillinger [de], and designed by Wotruba. The planning architect was Fritz Gerhard Mayr [de]. Ottillinger chose the site of former Nazi barracks, and wanted the new church to make a bold religious and artistic statement during a time of increasing secularization. Wotruba died before the completion of the church, and Mayr oversaw the remaining work.[2]

Wotruba's church was inspired by Chartres Cathedral,[2] and built in a Brutalist style. Built of 152 concrete blocks, it has no visible symmetry, and makes use of clear glass windows to provide light. The altar is made of artificial marble. The bronze crucifix is a copy of one that Wotruba designed for the hofkirche in Bruchsal, Germany.[3]


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